29 May 12:31 pm

We finally got our hands on the video of the goal that was talked about often last week within the Rapids office. Youngster Ricardo Perez has played a handful of Reserve League games for the Rapids, but his first priority is helping the Rapids Development Academy's U-16s. Last week, he scored three goals in a 4-2 win over the Minnesota Thunder. Watch his second goal below (CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE):

24 May 3:34 pm

This video has been making the internet rounds the past couple of days. As various web reports mention, former Russian international defender Vadim Evseev retired as a professional from the Belarus league in December. And in a touching moment, in his testimonial match earlier this month, he was replaced by five-year-old Khrisan Dzeus. I've found multiple stories that say Khristan is Vadim's son, and others that say he's the son of a CEO of a children's charity organization, and that Vadim wanted to recognize the CEO's efforts by showcasing Vadim.

In either case, watch how both teams helped the little fella become the star of the game...

24 May 1:39 pm

Last month the League's board of governors held a meeting in Colorado. MLS Commissioner then stopped over for a lunch Q&A with the Denver-area media at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Altitude TV was able to get a one-on-one with the Commish for a pre-game feature. Watch below:

18 May 2:42 pm

The 2012 UEFA Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea is likely to be one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The game will be broadcast live Saturday, May 19 on Fox at 12:45 pm MT from the home of Bayern, Allianz Arean in Munich, Germany. Here's who some of the players and technical staff picked:

Edu - Bayern Munich

Drew Moor - Bayern Munich

Martin Rivero - Bayern Munich

Tony Cascio - Chelsea

Omar Cummings - Bayern Munich

Ian Joyce - Chelsea

Kosuke Kimura - Bayern Munich

Matt Pickens - Bayern Munich

Kohei Yamada - Bayern Munich

Tyrone Marshall - Bayern Munich

Kamani Hill - Bayern Munich

Davy Armstrong - Chelsea

Pablo Mastroeni - Bayern Munich

Joseph Nane - Chelsea

Hunter Freeman - Bayern Munich

Luis Zapata - Bayern Munich

Stew Ceus - Bayern Munich

Harrison Henao - Chelsea

Scott Palguta - Bayern Munich

Conor Casey - Bayern Munich

Ross LaBauex - Chelsea

Eddie Ababio - Chelsea

Jaime Castrillon - Chelsea

Wells Thompson - Bayern Munich

Oscar Pareja - Bayern Munich

Wilmer Cabrera - Bayern Munich

Paul Caffrey - Bayern Munich

David Kramer - Bayern Munich

Paul Bravo - Bayern Munich

14 May 3:08 pm is celebrating Supporters Week, with a wide array of articles and videos honoring fans. Not lost among that is that players themselves are fans.

Pablo Mastroeni, New England's Benny Feilhaber, and Philadelphia's Zac MacMath list former Rapids midfielder Carlos Valderrama as their favorite MLS player of all-time. Other's list Brian McBride as their favorite. Who is your all-time favorite MLS player - tell us in the comments?


13 May 11:08 am

A collection of Colorado Rapids players with their moms and grandmas. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!

09 May 10:08 am

In honor of Mother's Day coming up in a few days, we share this video making the rounds around the web...

09 February 5:07 pm was the guinnea pig for the blog format, so they went live on The Sideline blog first. One of the first posts on the Out of Focus video blog (LINK), they dug up this classic...that's Paul Bravo, now Technical Director, in a never-again-seen celebration from his days playing for the Rapids...

09 February 10:34 am

First order of business, what do you think...should we keep the name of the blog as it was previously called, Rapids Undercurrent, or The Undercurrent? Share your thoughts or suggest new names in the comments below.

08 February 4:34 pm

It's Back!  The Rapids Undercurrent blog, which has been hibernating for the past year and a half, is being awakened and introduced to it's new home - here at (Here's the link to the old version).

We're hoping this new version of the Undercurrent provides somewhat of a more casual tone to compliment the more 'newsy' or 'official' news you likely come to this site for. It will still primarily focus on soccer, but hopefully add some non-Rapids content and maybe some off-the-field type of tidbits and even other sports.

Technology has continued to change since that first post back in 2008, and it seems everyone is now a journalist - or at the very least - a news distributor of some sort. We're taking a shot at being a central place to combine and share some of those web stories, videos, fotos, tweets, etc. You might even see some opinions or analysis here, be it by me or other Rapids staffers, or maybe even players or fans.

In reality, I don't know exactly in what direction this blog will go. But we'd like you to be part of this as it evolves. Give us your feedback, tell us what you'd like to see more of, or less of; what you like or don't like. Send us ideas, suggestions, or general feedback to, or leave them in the comment section. 

Here we go...welcome back!