23 February 3:48 pm

If they were league games, the Colorado Rapids would lie on two points from three matches, having scored three goals but conceded five.

But this is preseason, and the team is building, learning and growing. Indeed, it is growing in knowledge, understanding and personnel.

Nine new players have joined the Rapids since the end of last season, and that in itself can take a wee while to work up a head of steam and travel at full tilt.

Already, though, fans will have witnessed enough from the three displays thus far to be heartened, with the 2015 campaign less than two weeks away.

Is this a side capable of lifting trophies this year? Who knows. One thing's for sure, this will be a much tougher team to break down in 2015, having toughened up the brittle spine which looked so fragile last season once the likes of Shane O'Neill, Drew Moor and then Jared Watts sustained injuries, and with the classy midfielder Jose Mari playing just 20 of the 34 games. Vicente Sanchez (17 appearances) was also limited in his game time.

As Drew Moor regularly tells me, the age of the more youthful players should no longer be something we make a song and dance about, as all are proven at this level and experienced enough for us to label them as simply 'good players', as opposed to 'good, young players'.

So, the Rapids already had good players. In adding Sam Cronin, Bobby Burling, Marcelo Sarvas, Michael Harrington and Zac MacMath, the team has acquired experienced players. And within that group, they have also brought in - shall we say - a competitive streak that the team may have lacked in recent times.

Off the field, you couldn't meet nicer guys than the Rapids players. In the past, they'd also been accused of being nice guys on the field as well. I think it's fair to say, that won't be the case this year. And that's not to suggest the team will be ill-disciplined, but they won't be pussycats either.

Caleb Calvert has all the tools to become a very good striker. He's yet to make his MLS debut, having spent time at Chivas USA, but this teenager is eager to learn and improve ... and he will.

Of the other new arrivals, Axel Sjoberg has settled in nicely. The six foot seven inch Swede emerged from the SuperDraft, and has not looked out of place in games pitting him against the likes of Dom Dwyer, Charlie Davies and Juan Agudelo.

Two Argentines have been added to the roster since the turn of the year, and what great signings they appear to be. Lucas Pittinari could run all day. Not only does he have a great engine, but he has superb vision as well as the ability to stop opposition forays in their tracks.

And last, but by no means least, there is 21-year-old young DP, Juan Ramirez. He is the most recent addition, having officially signed on February 20. From what we've seen in the short amount of time, this is a player who will give opposing defenders nightmares. He's slight, slippery and skillful, and able to operate on either flank.

Nine new signings, in a side that has played just three preseason games against MLS opposition (they also played UNLV in a warm-up to their warm-ups). Most of preseason for 2015 is now behind us. Two games remain, against FC Tucson and an as yet unknown opponent, before the serious stuff starts on March 7, away at Philadelphia Union (kickoff 2 p.m MT, Altitude).

A recent report suggested that the Rapids were rank outsiders for MLS Cup, at 50-1. In other words, there are those who feel this side will be the whipping boys. Some would say that's fair considering the woeful end to 2014, but that's lazily looking at past failings rather than the present position.

MLS is full of sides that have endured shocking seasons, only to tinker, rebuild and emerge stronger. This is undoubtedly a stronger Rapids side. Only time will tell whether it has the ability to match what D.C. United managed in 2013 or New England achieved in 2014, but rather than throw a temper tantrum and leap on soccer forums to put people in the picture, just sit back and smile quietly to yourself. We don't want to spoil the element of surprise.

29 July 9:30 am

Written by: SOCO Intern Sam Quiat

The Colorado Rapids Special Olympics Unified All-Star Soccer team met again last Wednesday night at Douglas County High School. During the nearly two hour practice, the team worked on passing, dribbling and then scrimmaged in anticipation of their upcoming trip to Dallas on August 9. When asked about the upcoming trip unified partner Azur Ewari said: “I’m pretty excited about the trip. It’s one of those experiences that you look forward to. It should be a lot of fun.”

Another type of buzz surrounded the practice as the athletes and partners were set to attend a soccer clinic hosted by Aon and Manchester United before the Guinness International Champions Cup match on July 26. The team was excited about the possibility of meeting some of the Man Utd players at the clinic and learning from them. When asked about meeting some of the players Vincent Egan said: “It would be a great honor to meet those guys and to be able to get better from them.”

The team has come a long way since that first practice at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  We asked a few players on the team whom they think might have improved the most and while there was a wide range of player’s names thrown out there, every player who was nominated agreed that it was all due to their teammates' and coaches' help and support. The team will meet again next week to further their preparation for their trip to Dallas.

01 June 4:56 pm

Ryan Creager- Assistant Coach

The weather, the athletes, and the Unified partners all brought their “A” game to practice on Wednesday, May 28.  After our initial practice on May 14, we had one week off and were anxious to get back together again. Of course, Cody Field was there to welcome everyone with a high five and his infectious attitude!

We started off with some dribbling moves, different techniques, and had some fun during our warm up exercises while incorporating static and dynamic stretching. This progressed to short passing with a partner through a “goal” while gradually increasing the distance between partners to play longer passes. As the confidence and skill level increased, each partnership was challenged to a race against the clock to four different “goals.” The manner in which the athletes and partners worked together was incredible! The constant dialogue of encouragement and praise contributed to not only more enjoyment, but also to more success.

One of our athletes, Kristina, is loving getting to know all her new friends and teammates. She always has a smile on her face, especially when she gets a chance to choose her partner for the activity.However, the real challenge comes when trying to determine who has the bigger smile, Kristina or her Unified partner!

After all of the dribbling, passing, and teamwork, the practice culminated with our first full-field scrimmage. Playing on a large field created more opportunities to demonstrate what they had just practiced. Although there are challenges that come with bigger space, formations, and positional spacing, all the players worked hard and remained supportive.

We wrapped up the practice with a team cheer and final instructions. All of the athletes, partners, and coaches are excited for next week and upcoming season. Check back often for more blog updates throughout the season. Thanks for the continued support!

Go Rapids SOCO!!

15 August 11:24 am

After an exciting debut season, the Colorado Rapids Unified Soccer Team began training for the start of the second year last night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. A few players returned from last year's team and were met by new teammates as Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Matt Pickens and defender Chris Klute put the athletes through their first workout of the season.

The players also received their new uniforms which they'll debut on Sept. 14 when they host a Special Olympics team from Dallas.

CLICH HERE for the 2013 roster with bios.

CLICK HERE to check out the photos from the first day of training and come back for more updates before and after each match.

27 June 4:37 pm

Hashtags on social media are a way for people with similar interests to share those interests by engaging in a conversation with each other. The Colorado Rapids hashtag is #Rapids. As a simple Twitter search of the hashtag shows, the conversation around #Rapids is a good mix between kayakers and soccer fans but it is not a place where Rapids fans can go to find a conversation that is solely centered on Colorado Rapids soccer. So we want to change that. And we want your help. We have a list of possible new hashtags and we’d like to hear your opinions. The hashtag with the most votes will be adopted as the club’s official hashtag.

Options are:


Tell us what you like and dislike about each or offer up one of your own. Comment below, tweet at us, or post on Facebook. One lucky commenter will be chosen (at random) to win a pair of tickets to a future Rapids game. Let’s hear it!

P.S. #RapidsThugLife is not eligible to become the club's official hashtag.

24 June 10:00 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Max & Vince

Final game Vs. Saprissa

The game was at 10:00 a.m. at a FIFA field. We arrived and got ready in the locker room. Then we went on to the field and started to warm up. Coach Gary told us the starting 11 and then the game started. We gave Saprissa Rapids key chains and they gave us Saprissa flags, magazines, and wristbands. We were wearing all white, while they were wearing all burgundy.

The first half ended 0-0. We had better chances at goal, but the possession went to Saprissa. The line-up changed a little and the second half started. Saprissa came and scored a goal, then another one. We didn’t give up. Juan was 1v1 with keeper and took a big touch. The keeper got to the ball first and tried to kick it out, but Juan ran as fast as he can and threw his body. The ball hit Juan and went in the goal. We kept playing hard, but the game ended. We lost 2-1.

Even though we lost, we knew we played well. We won three, lost twice, and tied once.

By Cade, Triston and Marko

Game vs. Saprissa

On Sunday morning, we woke up at 7 o’clock. We got to eat breakfast off the buffet and when we had finished we got on our bus to the FIFA Training field. It was huge and pretty. The result of the game was 2-1 Saprissa.

After the game we had a barbeque at one of the Saprissa’s player’s houses. It was really fun. We danced, threw water balloons and ate a lot. It was a lot of fun and really relaxing. After lunch we said our goodbyes to the player including Hayden giving his shin guard bands for a pair of shorts.

After that it was a long ride back to our hotel. When we got there we dropped off all of us were really tired. Gary then treated us to the pool from 6 to 7. After that we headed to dinner. It was some soup with slow roasted pork and rice. Lastly, we packed and took pictures with the waiters it was really sad. It was a great trip.

23 June 9:07 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

Thibbs, Toby, and Jake

We had breakfast at 8:30 for a training session at 10. As we started walking to the field, we see German, a Saprissa coach, walking towards us with a team trailing him. German started talking with Gary and Brian about what he wanted to do. We had no idea this was coming, but German wanted to scrimmage our team. 20 minute halves, and a 40 minute game, even a referee showed up.

We got to kick off, and kept possession for quite a while. We finally lost possession after a couple of minutes because the ball went out. We had way more possession, in the first half. The other team could barely keep the ball for over a minute. Although we had our opportunities, we were not able to finish them. Going into halftime, the score was 0-0.

In the second half, we still had a lot of possession, but had more of an attack going; therefore we lost the ball more. Finally we got on the board after Juan crossed the ball for Jake to just tap in at the far post. Not too long after, Toby played a through ball to Jake around the 18 yard box that Jake scored off. Right after that Jake crossed the ball to Juan who had a beautiful finish right into the corner. The game was totally in our favor, even up to the point where Win tried to dribble and cut someone in his own 6 yard box, but the other player stuck his foot out for the tackle, deflecting the ball into the goal.

The game ended at the score of 3-1. Afterwards, Gary nicknamed Win, Winaldinho for his amazing dribbling skills. The game was another good one for us, another W.

Dani, Hayden, Marco

We woke up 8:30 to eat breakfast, we had omelets and fruit. We then got our gear and went to the fields with the hotel owner’s grandson, Daniel. At practice we scrimmaged another team and won. After we had lasagna and vegetables for lunch. After lunch we said goodbye to Gustavo because they thought that there baby was going to be arriving either today or Sunday.

After we said goodbye, Coach Gary (right, with hotel owner's son, Daniel) took us to the pool where we played handball in the water for around an hour Wins team won 8-0…….. because they had all the tall people. After the pool we rested till 7:00 and ate dinner. At dinner we ate rice, chicken, and beans. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate sauce, while the coaches had cheesecake. Then we went to bed prepared for our early, intense game tomorrow!!!!!!!!

22 June 8:57 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Hank, Cal, and Connor

We woke up at 8:15 for a 9:00 am breakfast of perfectly cooked brownish yellow French toast with fresh fruit and orange juice. After the breakfast was over and we had to say goodbye to our favorite restaurant men Miguel and Saul, we went back up to our rooms for some peace and quiet to rest up for that night’s game.

We had hung out in the rooms eating whatever food we could manage to scrub up for about 2 hours before we met Brian at the elevator. He told us we were going to a peaceful place to stretch and get ready for the big game tonight. We went to the pool to do this because it was quiet and relaxing. Brian gave us some stretches to do before we came up with our own, and eventually it just turned into a lounging game.

We then headed for lunch with the game in the back of our minds and got settled at the white table clothed wooden table to get the food into our bodies and energize us for the game. The lunch was an extraordinary blend of spaghetti and beef with fresh fruit and iced tea to quench our thirsts. After the food had been consumed by us like a pack of wolves that hadn’t eaten in a week, we got dressed and headed out for the fields.

The field was incredible! It was a perfectly placed turf field with the white marking lines running straight and parallel to each other. But now it was time to focus in and get set for tonight’s key match.

The game started and the half wore on with Uruguay controlling and eventually getting two goals on us before the half was over. It was 2-0 at halftime. Then, the Rapids that I, and everyone else knew showed up. The final score was 4-2 we won!

On the bus ride home the team was overcome with a mix of joy and happiness and we got back to the hotel in a bundle of excitement. But that was all put out the window when the word, “dinner,” was mentioned. Everyone was SUPER hungry when we got back and probably set a world record for “most food eaten in 10 minutes by a soccer team” in the process. We had sandwiches and french fries with fruit, iced tea, and bread. It was really good and we had a blast talking to each other, but we were all really tired and as soon as we got the chance we high tailed in out of the restaurant and into our beds to call it a day, and get some sleep.

By Juan, Win, and Paul

We took a long bus ride to the field which took about 30 Minutes.  We started out with a warm up we did monkey in the middle and another game. Then, Gustavo did our workout part of our warm up; we did sprints, high knees, and other things to stretch out our muscles. Next, Gustavo did a shooting drill which had a pass to him and he laid it off for a finish to goal.

Then the game began, in the first half we got scored on twice. One of the goals was a header and the other one was just a regular finish. We were down 2-0 at half time.

Then in the second half we stepped up our game and we played a lot better. Danny scored half way through the half to make the game 2-1. That’s when it all began.

It was back and forth for a while and then finally we got possession for a while and the other team got frustrated, then with 3 minutes left and Tristan scored a header off of Juan’s cross. And we were tied 2-2. The whole bench went crazy. Then Marco Rios hit the post and ever body was disappointed.

Then Marco Rios curved it into the far post and then the score was 3-2 rapids! Finally right after that goal Marco blasted a shot and it hit off of one of their players and it went into the goal. As soon as the goal happened the game ended and every one went insane.   

21 June 9:33 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Max and Vincent

On Thursday morning we woke up really early in the morning. At 7 we had breakfast of fruit and pancakes. It was really good.

After, we got on our bus to head to the school for our community service. When we first arrived we were all very excited and ready to help the local school. At first we walked up a long staircase where many of the kindergartners lined up to welcome us. Then when we reached the top, there was a stage. Many of the kids sang Costa Rica ́s National anthem. Then they began dancing and the invited all of the staff and team to dance with them. First was Win then everybody joined in and Thibbs got to dance with a really hot muchahcha and they fell in loooooove. HAHA <3 <3 <3

Also many of the girls fell to Hayden ́s knees because of his good looks .HAHA <3 <3 <3

Then after the interaction with the many children we headed up to the back of the school where we could do some work. What we did was we scrubbed a wall with tons of moss on it. They were so grateful that we did that small deed because they could pay someone to clean of they could feed a child their only meal of the day. For all of us it was a real eye opener to see how privileged we are.

After the school we took a 30 min. ride to the Saprissa stadium. When we arrived the burgundy color was everywhere. First we got to walk down the team hallway under the stadium and here's a cool fact. When the other team was in their locker room the Saprissa fans would jump up and down making the stadium shake like an earthquake. This would make the other team almost pee their pants.

When we came out of the tunnel the stadium was huge and the field was just rocks. It was because they were re-turfing the field for the u17 women ́s world cup.

Finally, we left the stadium to go to the mall. It was huge and there were at least 20 different American food outlets to choose from. Most of us went to Wendy’s. After lunch we went our groups to look and buy some clothing and gear. Many of us got Saprissa jerseys.

After about 2 hours we left but Paul bought Grand Theft Auto and Brian made him switch it out for a more appropriate game. After the mall we traveled back to our hotel for dinner and a 30 min swim in the pool. For dinner we had steak and a salad and it was really good. That was Thursday.

20 June 10:00 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Max and Vincent

Our third game was on a Wednesday, June 19, against Escazu. We arrived at the field and started to warm up. While warming up, it was pouring rain and everyone was soaked. We went to our locker room after warm up and changed into our white uniforms. We came back onto the field and the rain stopped and then the game started. Ten seconds into the game Juan dribbled the ball down the field and scored. After that, we felt more confident and started to play harder. We scored eight more goals and Escazu with none. Juan and Dani both had a hatrick.. Paul, Jake, Triston all scored one. We played three periods thirty minutes each. After the ninety minutes, the final score was 9-0.