25 April 11:16 am

It’s been a few days since this article came out, but I’ve read it a couple times and think it’s worth giving a longer look. Jonathan Tannenwald of (@thegoalkeeper on Twitter) goes in-depth on the new agreement between NBC and the English Premier League, and what it means for both MLS and American soccer as a whole. I think it’s a fascinating take, and gives an accurate, in-depth look at some of the challenges that all of us who work in MLS face when we think about how to grow our league.

The popularity of the Premier League is daunting, but like Tannenwald, I care far more about MLS. It’s my job (and everyone else’s here in our company and across the league) to get more people to feel that way as well.

The NBC/EPL deal raises a lot of questions, the primary one being whether or not it’s good for MLS. What do you think? Does having NBC invest so much in English soccer help or hurt MLS? What should MLS do to raise ratings? What should MLS do once its TV deals expire after 2014? Let us know in the comments, or find me directly on Twitter: @Lindholm.

23 April 3:39 pm

Rivalries in sports are fierce. Fans and teams from Boston and New York are pitted against one another across all major league sports (Revolution-Red Bulls, Celtics-Knicks, Bruins-Rangers and of course, Yankees-Red Sox). The teams don’t like each other; the fans don’t like each other; the rest of the country has an opinion on all of it.

But, in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, the rivalry dissolved, revealing a deep amount of respect between the two cities. Fans laid down their differences, and the New England Revolution supporters and New York Red Bulls supporters marched together.

Yankees-Red Sox is one of the most heated rivalries in all of sports. It makes for exciting baseball when the two storied franchises meet. But when faced with adversity, the teams laid down their differences and the Yankees stood in support of the Red Sox.

New York isn’t the only city that stood up for Boston. Outpourings of support came from all over the United States, including Chicago.

A number of teams played Sweet Caroline as a tribute to Boston, wore black armbands, held moments of silence and showed their support in creative ways, including a touching tifo from FC Dallas fans.

Local teams stood behind the city in a number of ways.

The entire world of sports turned its heart to Boston, from runners of the London Marathon to athletic gear rivals who stood as one in support of victims of the tragedy.

Author Golden, in Memoirs of a Geisha, said “Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” With that in mind, the show of strength and togetherness is nothing less than inspiring.

13 March 5:05 pm

Rapids captain Pablo Mastroeni took a knock to the head on Saturday and had to come out of the game as a precaution. He passed the cognitive tests on Monday - which was another sign that he did not have a concussion - and was cleared to return to training today.

However, he head was growing by the hour...

If you're going to a theater show in downtown Denver, or are maybe just driving on 14th street, take a look up as you approach Larimer, Lawrence, Arapahoe, or Curtis Streets. You won't be able to miss the seven-story wallscape of Mastroeni on the side of The Curtis Hotel, right across from the Denver Center for the Performaning Arts. It took the crew nearly four hours to lower and affix this beast today. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS.