22 February 10:13 am

Edson Buddle has only been with the Rapids a few weeks. But as a MLS and U.S. national team veteran, he's known some of his new teammates for some time, including Marvell Wynne. That has made the transition to the Rapids that much easier, as evidenced by the fact that Marvell trusted Edson to give him a new haircut.

On the right is what Marvell looked like at the start of preseason camp. On the left, a few weeks in when he saved his head before the group went to Vegas.

Apparently, he wasn't done with his new look. Here's the image Edson tweeted on Thursday:

01 February 6:04 pm

The past few days have been a little unnverving for Rapids midfielder Martin Rivero. The 23-year Argentinian suffered a broken bone in his right foot just before the end of the first half of the first preseason game on Tuesday. It was the first broken bone that he's suffered as a professional, and the ensuing surgery was also a first for the second-year playmaker.

But one thing that has kept him positive is the connection he's built with fans through his twitter handle. Rivero has chronicled and given fans - in Spanish and English - a unique behind the scenes perspective of his week, starting prior to the match, as he returned to Denver, on the surgery table, and afterwards. See below:

06 July 11:09 am

For all the success Brian Mullan has achieved in Major League Soccer, he's never sought - nor liked - the spotlight. And fortunately for him, he's always had teammates that garnered a lot of attention, be it Cobi Jones in LA, Landon Donovan in San Jose, or Dwayne De Rosario in Houston.

However Altitude TV was able to sit down with Mullan for this exclusive feature. As you can see, family is THE most important thing for the Littleton native, and Highland Ranch resident:

05 June 4:21 pm

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since the U.S. Men's National Team made that incredible run all the way to the Quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup.

On June 5, 2002, eight of us from the front office met at one's apartment in the middle of the night and watched our own Pablo Mastroeni start in the USMNT's 3-2 upset of a heavily favored Portugal side. Later games would fill up large establishments all over the country, including a huge showing at our viewing party in the Club Level of INVESCO Field at Mile High.

Prior to the 2010 World Cup, I sat down with Pablo and a few other former Rapids players to talk about their World Cup experiences. Watch below as Pablo talks about how he made the U.S. team and his memories of the 2002 World Cup. (Click here to watch on Youtube).


31 May 11:56 am

If you've been to a Rapids home game this year, you've likely looked up at the scoreboard and watched some of the videos the Game Entertainment crew produces. We'll be posting some of these on here throughout the summer - after they've aired in the stadium.

Here's the first video: "This or That with Marvell Wynne:" (WATCH ON YOUTUBE)

14 May 3:08 pm is celebrating Supporters Week, with a wide array of articles and videos honoring fans. Not lost among that is that players themselves are fans.

Pablo Mastroeni, New England's Benny Feilhaber, and Philadelphia's Zac MacMath list former Rapids midfielder Carlos Valderrama as their favorite MLS player of all-time. Other's list Brian McBride as their favorite. Who is your all-time favorite MLS player - tell us in the comments?


07 May 10:40 am

Drew Moor has always shared how proud he is to be from Dallas, and to have played for FC Dallas - the team he followed since he was a kid. And the fans of FC Dallas have always appreciated Drew's play and how he's treated and respected them...and how he fought for the jersey during his time there.

"A lot of friends who supported me when I played for Dallas and continue to support me even when I play with the Rapids, so it's a special place," he said after he captained the Rapids to a 2-0 win over Dallas on Sunday. "I played in over a hundred games here for FC Dallas and it will always be a special place for me. A big part of my heart stays here. It makes it that much sweeter to finally get three points here."

Last year, one of Drew's former Dallas teammates and good friend, Bobby Rhine, shockingly passed away at a young age. Saddened by the news, Drew wrote his feeling down and shared them on the site (CLICK HERE).

Bobby was also adored by the hometown faithful. On Sunday, in his return to Dallas, Drew went to greet members of FCD's supporters group, The Inferno, and took a moment to honor his fallen friend at the sign the fans hang his honor:


28 March 4:20 pm

The editor's at Westword have picked midfielder Jeff Larentowicz as 'Best Rapid' in the annual Best of Denver 2012 that came out today. If you've seen it online or picked up a copy, you'll see that the medium selects their 'Best of' in a wide range of categories. You can pick up the free copy of Denver's weekly magazine/newspaper at a variety of corner newsstand throughout the city, as well as see their picks HERE.

2012: Best Rapid: Jeff Larentowicz

(By the way, Conor Casey was the reader's choice for Best Rapid for the third straight year after Pablo Mastroeni had a grip on that honor for the past 6-7 years).

Previous Rapids Westword 'Best of' Editor's Picks:

2011: Best Sports Team - Professional; Best Rapids - Pablo Mastroeni

2010: Best Rapid - Conor Casey

2009: Best Rapid - Conor Casey

2008: Best Rapid - Christian Gomez

2007: Best Rapid: Kyle Beckerman

2006: Best Rapid: Joe Cannon

2005: Best Rapid: Pablo Mastroeni

2004: Best Rapid: Pablo Mastroeni

2003: Best Rapid: Pablo Mastroeni

2002: Best Rapid: John Spencer

2001: Best Rapid: Marcelo Balboa

2000: Best Rapid: Junior Agogo

22 March 4:01 pm

Jamie Smith is ahead of schedule on his recovery from the torn ACL he suffered last fall. He told me that he's hoping to be cleared to train in 3-4 weeks. While he continues strengthening his leg, he's allowed to work on other stuff, such as free kicks. We caught a few of his attempts on Stew Ceus today on camera...

16 March 10:35 am

The Class VI supporters group has been hosting an online podcast for the past four years called, " Six Questions with Class VI." In the first installment of 2012, Craig de Aragon talks to defender Drew Moor about the first game, new teammates, and new season. Give yourself about 17-18 minutes to hear Drew talk to Craig by CLICKING HERE.