15 June 4:13 pm

Like soccer fans around the world, our offices have been buzzing in the mornings with the sounds of the EURO 2012 Championship on various TVs. Friday afternoon, shortly after England defeated Sweden 3-2, there was another round of excitement in the air when we learned that the Colorado Rapids were represented at that match.

Emily Kilcoyne, our Manager of Group Sales, received the photo above from Rapids season ticket holder Haim Lensky. From left to right: Mike, Vicky, and Haim hold up the Rapids' MLS Champion flag at Olympic Stadium in Kyiv (Ukraine), with the Sweden-England scarf above.

"It's been a great experience," Haim wrote via email. "We met people from all over Europe and we have loved being at every game screaming and cheering for the teams."

Haim is from Russia and won the ticket lottery last year to attend the tournament. The family is of course supporting Russia, but also England, Spain, and Ukraine. And if you're ready to be jealous, read on...

So far, they've attended the England-France (T 1-1), Netherlands-Germany (GER 2-1), and today's England-Sweden matches.

"The games have been crazy and the fans have definitely been dedicated to their respective teams" he wrote.

The Lensky's will also be attending: Sweden-France, and the Quarterfinal matches in Donetsk and Kiev, the Semifinal in Kiev, and the 2012 Final in Donetsk.

"We are definitely having fun," he concludes.

Glad to hear, and thanks for bringing a little bit of Colorado and the Rapids with you!


07 June 9:28 am

The 2012 European Championship starts on Friday and long-time MLS partner ESPN will broadcast all the matches through their various outlets. We've set up a EURO Predictor Challenge Bracket through so that fans, staff, and players can go head-to-head in a just-for-fun contest.

Drew Moor, Andre Akpan, Tony Cascio, and Chris Sharpe have signed up, as has some members of the staff.

All are invited to join our group. Here's how:

Click on this link:

Set up an account if you don't have one.

Join our team / private group: Rapids EURO Challenge

Password: EdsonTheEagle

Pick which teams will finish first and second from each of the four groups, the winners of the Quarterfinals, the Semifinal winners, and who will win the Final.

You have until the Friday's first game between Poland and Greece to submit your picks!

(Note that all rules for participation are governed by

18 May 2:42 pm

The 2012 UEFA Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea is likely to be one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The game will be broadcast live Saturday, May 19 on Fox at 12:45 pm MT from the home of Bayern, Allianz Arean in Munich, Germany. Here's who some of the players and technical staff picked:

Edu - Bayern Munich

Drew Moor - Bayern Munich

Martin Rivero - Bayern Munich

Tony Cascio - Chelsea

Omar Cummings - Bayern Munich

Ian Joyce - Chelsea

Kosuke Kimura - Bayern Munich

Matt Pickens - Bayern Munich

Kohei Yamada - Bayern Munich

Tyrone Marshall - Bayern Munich

Kamani Hill - Bayern Munich

Davy Armstrong - Chelsea

Pablo Mastroeni - Bayern Munich

Joseph Nane - Chelsea

Hunter Freeman - Bayern Munich

Luis Zapata - Bayern Munich

Stew Ceus - Bayern Munich

Harrison Henao - Chelsea

Scott Palguta - Bayern Munich

Conor Casey - Bayern Munich

Ross LaBauex - Chelsea

Eddie Ababio - Chelsea

Jaime Castrillon - Chelsea

Wells Thompson - Bayern Munich

Oscar Pareja - Bayern Munich

Wilmer Cabrera - Bayern Munich

Paul Caffrey - Bayern Munich

David Kramer - Bayern Munich

Paul Bravo - Bayern Munich