10 September 3:09 pm


By Aspen DeField

Monday was our last official practice before all of the Denver and Portland festivities.  It was an evening of scrimmaging, naming the team captain, and showing off our soccer moves to the Rapids players.

During the coaches versus athletes scrimmage, athletes had the chance to show up their coaches and others from the Rapids organization and Kroenke sports.  While it’s always fun to score a goal and steal the ball from another player, they seemed to particularly enjoy scoring on us and stealing the ball from the Rapids players.  Not only did they get to play against the professionals, they also got to beat them!  Our goalie, Morgan, was given some personal training time and in-game advice from Rapids goalkeeper Matt Pickens.  It was a great opportunity to have fun while working on their teamwork and game strategy, and take advantage of the professional advice and talents.

During halftime of the scrimmage, our team captain was named.  Sam Villela, a first year player on the team, was presented with the captain band and some words of wisdom from Rapids captain Drew Moor.  Sam was very pleased to have earned the role of captain, and his teammates and onlookers gave a round of applause.  He provided a perfect captain-to-captain pose for the photographer! 

The second half of the scrimmage included some great scoring moments, and the addition of Rapids player Chris Klute to the coaches’ team. While the athletes and Unified partners had their share of goal scoring, the coaches’ team pulled it out in the end during the “last goal wins” final moments of the scrimmage.

10 September 3:02 pm

The Colorado Rapids Special Olympics Unified team met at Corey Elementary School on Monday for a final practice before hosting a Special Olympics team from Dallas.

Rapids players Drew Moor and Chris Klute helped the players work on their passing skills while Matt Pickens worked with fellow goalkeeper Morgan on goalkeeping skills.

Following warmups, the players faced off against Rapids players and staff and Special Olympics Colorado staff in a scrimmage. After the first 15 minute half, Drew Moor peesented fellow team captain Sam with a Captain's Arm Band. Drew had a few words for Sam, explaining that being a team captain "is a great responsibility." Drew further explained that a team captain must be "the first one on the field and the last one off the field" and must also "be inspiring his team." Click here to read Sam's account of the exchange.

Coach Aspen DeField admits that the Unified team beat their coaches and the Rapids staff so it looks like the team is ready for Saturday!

Check out more photos from practice!

15 August 11:24 am

After an exciting debut season, the Colorado Rapids Unified Soccer Team began training for the start of the second year last night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. A few players returned from last year's team and were met by new teammates as Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Matt Pickens and defender Chris Klute put the athletes through their first workout of the season.

The players also received their new uniforms which they'll debut on Sept. 14 when they host a Special Olympics team from Dallas.

CLICH HERE for the 2013 roster with bios.

CLICK HERE to check out the photos from the first day of training and come back for more updates before and after each match.

03 August 4:50 pm

Friday night was movie night for the Colorado Rapids at Civic Center Park - the second year in which the team has participated in the summer event.

In partnership with the Civic Center Conservancy, the Rapids presented the movie 'Despicable Me' - on a 40-foot screen - as part of Denver's Movies in the Park Series  .

But that wasn't all.

The Rapids Academy also hosted a clinic with children from the Big Brothers, Big Sister program.

Defenders Drew Moor, Shane O'Neill, and Brian Mullan all helped out with the clinic, which included 12 matches. The three then signed autographs and hopped on Rapids-branded bcycles at the park, while mascot, Edson the Eagle, played with the kids in the inflatable.

The club also donated 100 tickets to Big Brother, Big Sisters and the street team was handed out tickets, free bcycle ride cards, and Rapids-branded water bottles and scarves.

29 July 10:54 am

After Saturday night’s 2-0 win over the LA Galaxy and a short amount of sleep, Rapids staffers participated on Sunday morning in the Evergreen Sprint Triathlon, entering five relay teams in the event. Team Rapids 1 was able to capture the victory in the relay division, and the roughly 30 Rapids employees, friends and family in burgundy enjoyed the early-morning festivities.

Team Rapids 1, who also won the Relay division in 2012, consisted of President Tim Hinchey swimming, Director of Marketing & Fan Development Wayne Brant biking, and Director of Media Relations David Lindholm running. Their time of 1:19:56 was about two minutes ahead of a strong co-ed relay team in second place.

Team Rapids 3 crossed the line in 1:47:07, Rapids 2 in 1:55:23, and Rapids 5 in 2:09:20. Somehow, the running leg for the co-ed Team Rapids 4 did not get counted by the chip timer, though the team was on pace to finish under 1:30:00. Regardless of the final time, everyone enjoyed the event, and Rapids Street Team also handed out prizes and giveaways to many participants. The overall individual winners all collected Rapids tickets as part of their prizes.

The other Rapids employees participating on Sunday included: Senior Premium Sales Executive Jordan Allerding, Chief Revenue Officer David Burke, Premium Sales and Service Manager Makenzie Crow, Ticket Service and Marketing Coordinator Christa Dellebovi, Fundraising Coordinator for Kroenke Sports Charities Heather Garcia, Marketing Coordinator Chelsea Hedrick, Manager of Ticket Sales Emily Kilcoyne, and Rapids Academy Manager Gordon Smith.

26 July 9:13 am

Pro athletes have a way of making impressions on youngsters that few others do. It's one of the fun parts of watching kids' reactions after a player appearance - even when it involves books and school.

On Tuesday, July 23, defender Chris Klute and forward Danny Mwanga helped host a soccer clinic for children for the Denver Public Library Summer Reading Program at the Montbello Library branch in Aurora, Colo. After each kid read a book, they were able to participate in the clinic where Klute and Mwanga taught the children different soccer skills. As a reward for completing their books and learning some soccer, the guys then handed out prizes and signed autographs at the end of the clinic.

12 July 2:10 pm

Some of the best appearances Colorado Rapids players make in the community are the ones where the kids become the stars, not the pros. A little while back Colorado Rapids midfielder Nick LaBrocca and Edson the Eagle attended a unique event where kids in wheel chairs got an opportunity to play soccer. Local station, 9News, was there to capture and share the story of how the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation started Power Soccer (video above).

According to 9News' report, "power soccer is played with a bumper on the front of the power wheelchair that is used to move the soccer ball. The soccer ball is slightly larger than a standard ball."

"The sport has done so much in my life and become such a key part of my life, and I've seen how it touched so many other people's lives," J.C. Russo, a member of the Team USA power soccer team, told 9News.

Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation (CASF) provides financial support, coaching and mentoring so athletes with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in organized team sports programs. More info here.

27 June 4:37 pm

Hashtags on social media are a way for people with similar interests to share those interests by engaging in a conversation with each other. The Colorado Rapids hashtag is #Rapids. As a simple Twitter search of the hashtag shows, the conversation around #Rapids is a good mix between kayakers and soccer fans but it is not a place where Rapids fans can go to find a conversation that is solely centered on Colorado Rapids soccer. So we want to change that. And we want your help. We have a list of possible new hashtags and we’d like to hear your opinions. The hashtag with the most votes will be adopted as the club’s official hashtag.

Options are:


Tell us what you like and dislike about each or offer up one of your own. Comment below, tweet at us, or post on Facebook. One lucky commenter will be chosen (at random) to win a pair of tickets to a future Rapids game. Let’s hear it!

P.S. #RapidsThugLife is not eligible to become the club's official hashtag.

24 June 10:00 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Max & Vince

Final game Vs. Saprissa

The game was at 10:00 a.m. at a FIFA field. We arrived and got ready in the locker room. Then we went on to the field and started to warm up. Coach Gary told us the starting 11 and then the game started. We gave Saprissa Rapids key chains and they gave us Saprissa flags, magazines, and wristbands. We were wearing all white, while they were wearing all burgundy.

The first half ended 0-0. We had better chances at goal, but the possession went to Saprissa. The line-up changed a little and the second half started. Saprissa came and scored a goal, then another one. We didn’t give up. Juan was 1v1 with keeper and took a big touch. The keeper got to the ball first and tried to kick it out, but Juan ran as fast as he can and threw his body. The ball hit Juan and went in the goal. We kept playing hard, but the game ended. We lost 2-1.

Even though we lost, we knew we played well. We won three, lost twice, and tied once.

By Cade, Triston and Marko

Game vs. Saprissa

On Sunday morning, we woke up at 7 o’clock. We got to eat breakfast off the buffet and when we had finished we got on our bus to the FIFA Training field. It was huge and pretty. The result of the game was 2-1 Saprissa.

After the game we had a barbeque at one of the Saprissa’s player’s houses. It was really fun. We danced, threw water balloons and ate a lot. It was a lot of fun and really relaxing. After lunch we said our goodbyes to the player including Hayden giving his shin guard bands for a pair of shorts.

After that it was a long ride back to our hotel. When we got there we dropped off all of us were really tired. Gary then treated us to the pool from 6 to 7. After that we headed to dinner. It was some soup with slow roasted pork and rice. Lastly, we packed and took pictures with the waiters it was really sad. It was a great trip.

23 June 9:07 am

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

Thibbs, Toby, and Jake

We had breakfast at 8:30 for a training session at 10. As we started walking to the field, we see German, a Saprissa coach, walking towards us with a team trailing him. German started talking with Gary and Brian about what he wanted to do. We had no idea this was coming, but German wanted to scrimmage our team. 20 minute halves, and a 40 minute game, even a referee showed up.

We got to kick off, and kept possession for quite a while. We finally lost possession after a couple of minutes because the ball went out. We had way more possession, in the first half. The other team could barely keep the ball for over a minute. Although we had our opportunities, we were not able to finish them. Going into halftime, the score was 0-0.

In the second half, we still had a lot of possession, but had more of an attack going; therefore we lost the ball more. Finally we got on the board after Juan crossed the ball for Jake to just tap in at the far post. Not too long after, Toby played a through ball to Jake around the 18 yard box that Jake scored off. Right after that Jake crossed the ball to Juan who had a beautiful finish right into the corner. The game was totally in our favor, even up to the point where Win tried to dribble and cut someone in his own 6 yard box, but the other player stuck his foot out for the tackle, deflecting the ball into the goal.

The game ended at the score of 3-1. Afterwards, Gary nicknamed Win, Winaldinho for his amazing dribbling skills. The game was another good one for us, another W.

Dani, Hayden, Marco

We woke up 8:30 to eat breakfast, we had omelets and fruit. We then got our gear and went to the fields with the hotel owner’s grandson, Daniel. At practice we scrimmaged another team and won. After we had lasagna and vegetables for lunch. After lunch we said goodbye to Gustavo because they thought that there baby was going to be arriving either today or Sunday.

After we said goodbye, Coach Gary (right, with hotel owner's son, Daniel) took us to the pool where we played handball in the water for around an hour Wins team won 8-0…….. because they had all the tall people. After the pool we rested till 7:00 and ate dinner. At dinner we ate rice, chicken, and beans. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate sauce, while the coaches had cheesecake. Then we went to bed prepared for our early, intense game tomorrow!!!!!!!!