28 March 12:49 pm

Quincy Amarikwa scored a great goal in the season opener against Columbus (WATCH HERE), but that may not be the best goal he's scored. I came across this youtube clip of Quincy scoring on a bicycle kick while at UC-Davis. Which do you think was better?

27 March 9:56 am

I stared in disbelief at my TV last night at the end of the USA's 3-3 tie with El Salvador in the CONCACAF U-20 Championships. The Central American's had just eliminated the Americans from the Olympic Qualifying tournament by scoring a goal after four minutes of stoppage time, claiming the tie-breaker and advancing to the semifinals over the hosts.

The disbelief was not so much because El Salvador advanced, after all they created the opportunities and showed to be a good team, or that the U.S. was eliminated, since their problems began when they lost to Canada in the second game. But it was so because it was a reminder of how sports can have two sides: joy for one, and pain for another.

Here's's RECAP



22 March 4:01 pm

Jamie Smith is ahead of schedule on his recovery from the torn ACL he suffered last fall. He told me that he's hoping to be cleared to train in 3-4 weeks. While he continues strengthening his leg, he's allowed to work on other stuff, such as free kicks. We caught a few of his attempts on Stew Ceus today on camera...

21 March 4:09 pm

Most of the guys that played in yesterday's reserve league game had today off, so head coach Oscar Pareja and assistant Wilmer Cabrera became extra players in the first-team training session this morning. We caught this pass from Davy Armstrong to Pareja on camera:

20 March 6:07 pm

It's the all-important TV least one set.

NBC Sports PR today tweeted that Sunday's NBC Sports broadcast of the Rapids 2-1 win at Philadelphia saw 124,000 viewers for the 2.5 hour telecast and 145,000 for the two-hour game coverage. These numbers represent an increased of 82% and 113%, respectively, from Fox Soccer's previous average of 68,000 viewers.

The viewers, which peaked at 211k from 3:30-3:45 MT (isn't that about the time Jaime Castrillon scored?), were also 51% higher than NBC Sports first-ever MLS broadcast last week when the New York Red Bull lost to Dallas 2-1 in Texas.



18 March 6:04 pm

16 March 10:35 am

The Class VI supporters group has been hosting an online podcast for the past four years called, " Six Questions with Class VI." In the first installment of 2012, Craig de Aragon talks to defender Drew Moor about the first game, new teammates, and new season. Give yourself about 17-18 minutes to hear Drew talk to Craig by CLICKING HERE.

16 March 10:31 am

On Saturday, an estimated 200,000 people are expected to attend and participate in the 50th Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and they’ll see some burgundy floating down Blake Street amidst the green.


The Rapids, Edson the Eagle and the Scion-sponsored Rapids Ride will cruise through the streets of downtown Denver, giving out various gifts and goodies along the way. Fans and spectators are encouraged to look for the Street Team as they pass by and sing along with your favorite supporters chants.


If you would like more information about how to participate in the Parade alongside the Rapids, please contact 303-825-GOAL (4625).