10 June 4:18 pm

We've done our share in documenting Shane O'Neill's quick rise from high school basketball star to Colorado Rapids starting defender to the U.S. Under-20 World Cup team. What we haven't touched on much is that Shane is part of a larger sports family. 

Local CBS 4 sports reporter Vic Lombardi met up with Shane and his parents and five siblings a couple of weeks ago.

In a related note, Burgundy Wave editor Chris White wrote in a column about the fear of Shane one day chosing to play for Ireland instead of the U.S. Men's National Team. Check out the video feature above and you can hear why Shane's birth country is still such a big part of his every day life.


10 June 11:22 am

An hour-long documentary by Soura Films, 2013.

In the middle of the Egyptian revolution and in a region where American policies are not welcomed, Bob Bradley takes the job of the Manager of the Egyptian National Soccer Team. The film follows the rebuilding of Egypt towards democracy alongside Bradley's rebuilding of the team and taking Egypt to the World Cup, Brazil 2014.

The unprecedented access and the behind the scenes of Bob and Lindsay Bradley, their personal ups and downs in Egypt, the heated political situation in Egypt, and the unique coverage of the Egyptian team's camps and games, all of this make this film a must see.


A little while ago ESPN's Outside the Lines did a long piece on former MLS and U.S. National Team coach Bob Bradley and what he's been presented with in trying to lead Egypt to the World Cup. Now comes this 14 minute trailer of a film giving us more exclusive access to the American's task overseas.

Not sure more needs to be writter. I'm looking forward to watching this.

07 June 10:54 am

Over the past years I've written about Colorado Rapids fans proudly showing the colors in fun places outside of Colorado. From the multiple supporters' road trips, to a fan in burgundy at a Champions League game in Barcelona, to the family at the 2012 European Championships, and the father-son duo that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, it's always neat to see fans telling the world which team they support.

This week I saw the photos that Rapids season ticket holders Patricia and Chris Billinger posted on the Rapids' Facebook page.

Here's what Patricia wrote with her photos from Cape Town, South Africa:

"Our scarves (and spirit) made it to the farthest SW point in Africa. Oh, and the locals *loved* the Rapids jerseys. There's a bartender at Serondella Game Lodge near Kruger who is sporting a Rapids Jersey right now..."

Check out the photos and give them some likes!

PHOTO 1        PHOTO 2

And, don't forget to share a photo of your untouchable Rapids moment for a chance to go on a #RapidsRoadTrip to see the team in Seattle in July. ENTER ON FACEBOOK. (More details if needed).

06 June 1:11 pm

Colorado Rapids goalkeeper has been itching to get back on the practice field since breaking his arm in March. However this week he was happy to miss the first few days of training and rehab.

On Monday, June 3, Matt's wife, Loubna, gave birth to the couple's first son, Sofyan. Mom, Sofyan, and his 17-month-old sister Kameliah are all doing well!

Matt, who was back at the complex on Thursday, told me that his broken bones are now fully healed and doctors told him it's possible he could be cleared to resume full training in a couple of week after building up more arm strength.

Congrats to Matt and his family!

Here's a segment from a recent Rapids Report on Pickens' recovery:

04 June 1:05 pm

We've told you before about the three fans that come to just about every Colorado Rapids training. Allan, Mark, and Joan were obviously at the Rapids match against FC Dallas on Saturday. They, like I'm sure many Rapids fans, also felt that the FC Dallas milked some of their falls in the match last weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

So today they brought out this red flag with a white diagonal sash to training. As they explained to Oscar Pareja afterwards, much to Oscar's enjoyment, the flag is a Diving Flag which is used on boats to indicate that a diver is in the water. They brought it to present a bit of humor to the group following the recent draw.

The game saw 27 fouls, 14 called on Colorado and 13 on Dallas. But it appeared that, often, the Dallas players took much longer to get up from fouls (and sometimes were on the ground without a call). Well, clearly these fans didn't think there was contact on many of the plays.

24 May 2:25 pm

One of the best things about our team is that they really know how to make you feel appreciated. Today at training, the team invited our ticket sales staff to join the post-practice huddle and thank them for a job well done so far this season, and for packing the stadium this weekend. Even though I’m not in ticket sales, I snuck over to get some footage of the huddle so that you all can join us in thanking them.

23 May 3:00 pm

BREAKING: It may be difficult for Colorado Rapids fans (and perhaps some staff or players) to believe, but we have good reason to believe that the coin used by U.S. Soccer to determine the home team is not double-sided.

Earlier this week U.S. Soccer announced that the Rapids - should they win their Third Round U.S. Open Cup match at Orlando City on May 28 - would face the winner of the Sporting KC vs Des Moines Menace match in the Fourth Round on June 12. Of course, if Sporting KC defeats Des Moines, Colorado would travel to KC - marking the Rapids' 12th consecutive road match in the Open Cup for Colorado.

U.S. Soccer - which is based in Chicago - invited editor Jeff Crandall to attend the flip for both the Third and Fourth Rounds, and gave Crandall the opportunity to report what he observed. Crandall was admittedly skeptical of the process, but he provides a thorough description of both draws (READ HIS DESCRIPTION OF THE THIRD ROUND DRAW).

After going into greater detail for the bigger Third Round draw, Crandall today shares details of the much smaller Fourth Round draw, stating it was "a bit more straight forward and regional compared to last week’s. In fact, the fourth round draw didn’t utilize envelopes or slips of paper, just as much geographic sense as possible and the bicentennial silver dollar."

What we know is that U.S. Soccer Competition Secretary Paul Marstaller overseas the draw. He placed the Fourth Round matchups into geographical pairing. From the Rapids-Orlando and Sporting KC-Des Moines pairing, all but Des Moines applied to host the fourth round game. In other words, the flip was won by the Sporting KC-Des Moines pairing - so the Rapids didn't win the flip with Des Moines,but rather would host the game by default since the Menace didn't apply. READ THE DETAILS HERE

21 May 3:37 pm

On Saturday I wrote how Colorado Rapids rookie Dillon Powers was hoping to get from San Jose to Indiana in time to make it to his graduation ceremony at Notre Dame on Sunday morning. It was a trip that afforded no room for error or delays. Powers was held out of the match at San Jose - which probably helped him the pursuit. He didn't need to clean up and was able to get a ride to San Francisco Airport in time.

From his twitter handle we knew he made it to Chicago on time, but we didn't know if he made it to the Commencement in time

Well, on Monday he tweeted that he had made it. Here's Dillon in cap and gown in front of touchdown Jesus.

20 May 3:05 pm

This year’s marketing campaign emphasizes our relationship with the state of Colorado. In addition to our new alternate uniforms, which feature the distinctive blue, red and yellow of the Colorado flag, our 2013 marketing campaign is centered on the pride people have in this state. The taglines “State of Mind” and “Colorado For Life” can be seen on billboards and advertisements in the area, and the Colorado flag can be seen on all our uniforms, on our field before the game, and in virtually everything we do.

Earlier this year we took our jerseys on a mini-caravan to some iconic Colorado locations to kick off the marketing campaign as well as #RapidsJersey week.  Now that the weather has changed, we took to the road again for another shoot and also to show the jerseys in a new light.   Here’s a sneak peek. Be on the lookout for more visuals and as usual #Colorado4Life.

16 May 4:23 pm

As part of the Rapids Recess program, Rapids player Drew Moor and Clint Irwin appeared at the AXL Academy in Aurora on Thursday, speaking and playing soccer with students at the college preparatory charter school for kids from preschool through 8th grade. Moor and Irwin helped run a soccer clinic with students, running drills and games, before telling the kids about their backgrounds and the importance of eating right and staying healthy. The afternoon ended with autographs for the students, who were also invited out to a future Rapids game at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

For more information on the Rapids Recess program, click here.