Special Olympics

Morgan Butler

Morgan Butler has been a Special Olympic athlete for 13 years. The 19-year-old competes in various sports including softball, basketball, bowling, and soccer. She attends a transition program through Colorado Springs School District 11. In addition to being an athlete, Butler is a member of Special Olympics Youth Activation Committee (YAC). The YAC’s role is to educate, motivate and activate youth around the state to be inclusive, especially in schools.

When she is not competing, Butler volunteers at a day care. Butler also enjoys playing on the computer, watching baseball with her mom, hanging out with her friends and playing with her dogs and cat.

Butler is most proud of the skills she has learned through competing with Special Olympics as well as winning medals and learning how to be a team player. She has gained confidence through her participation and has made many new friends. Her favorite Rapids player is Drew Moor.