Special Olympics

Ilima Kane

Ilima Kane has been involved with Special Olympics Colorado for seven years. Ilima currently works for Klein Buendel Inc as a program manager. In addition to coaching soccer, she also works with skiing, flag football and softball. After coaching the Colorado Rapids Special Olympics Unified team last year, she was eager to participate again.

Ilima says that this team is extremely important to her and that she has learned a lot from the athletes. “The longer I coach in Special Olympics the more I learn about what it takes to make a strong team that truly plays together to overcome any barriers they might face and come out ahead. We don’t always win, but we leave the field after every game knowing we each tried our best, supported our teammates, and had fun,” she says.

Ilima is 37 years old and a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, Denver.