Katie Shea

Katie Shea is in her ninth year as a Special Olympics volunteer. After serving seven years with Special Olympics Maryland, Shea has now worked with SOCO for two years.

The 32-year-old has coached aquatics, alpine skiing, track & field and has participated as a Unified Partner in aquatics, flag football and soccer. “I started volunteering with Special Olympics when I didn’t have much job satisfaction and felt like I wasn’t doing anything that truly mattered or enhanced the world in any way,” Shea says. “Special Olympics has given me a sense of pride in knowing that I’m a part of something that makes the lives of people a little bit brighter.” One of her proudest coaching experiences is when she started a successful annual track and field meet with Special Olympics Maryland. Shea also formed a Unified soccer team in Maryland that is still going strong today.

Shea has a BA in Spanish and International Trade from Clemson University and a MBA from Hood College. This fall, she will attend Johnson & Wales University to study Baking & Pastry Arts.

Shea is looking forward to working with the Rapids SOCO Unified athletes to develop their soccer skills. She wants to be part of the growing partnership between Special Olympics and MLS that will hopefully spread throughout the United States. Shea credits Special Olympics for truly changing her life, as she met her husband in Denver after being introduced to him by a former Special Olympics Maryland athlete.