Rapids Mascots

In 2007, the Colorado Rapids began the introduction of four new mascots for the club! Each new mascot is an animal naturally found in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, which is adjacent to the Rapids' home at Dick's Sporting Goods Park!

The Rapids mascots can be seen pumping up the crowd at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and at various events in our community all year long! Meet the Rapids mascots below:

Edson the Eagle | Number: 10 | Position: Midfielder | Birthday: July 4, 2007

The Rapids kicked off the new tradition in their mascot department on July 4, 2007 with their newest mascot being the symbol of the USA, the American bald eagle! Adding to the importance of honoring this sacred bird is the fact that the week Edson was introduced, the bald eagle had been taken off the endangered species list for the first time in 40 years!
The Rapids chose Edson because he symbolizes courage, freedom, spirit, and the pursuit of excellence. His official birthdate is July 4, and he was released in front of the Rapids' faithful after being delivered to the stadium in an official van straight from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.

Marco Von Bison | Number: 9 | Position: Striker | Birthday: Aug. 26, 2007

The Colorado Rapids unveiled the club’s second mascot, Marco Van Bison, at the team's match on August 26, 2007 vs. the LA Galaxy. Marco Van Bison is an American Bison, or more commonly known by its misnomer, buffalo. A new herd of American Bison was reintroduced to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in March 2007. The bison was almost hunted to extinction in late 19th century, but has experienced a true resurgence, as there are now more than 200,000 bison in North America.
The Rapids chose Marco to be their second of four mascots because the bison symbolizes strength, tenacity, and freedom, qualities that the Rapids hold in high esteem.

Jorge El Mapache | Number: 1 | Position: Goalkeeper | Birthday: Oct. 20, 2007

The Rapids unveiled the club’s third of their four new mascots, "Jorge el Mapache", at the team's final regular season match of 2007, on October 20.
The third member of the Rapids Mascots, Jorge el Mapache, is a Procyon lotor, more commonly known as the North American raccoon! Jorge is a goalkeeper, and wears the Rapids' goalkeeper kit from 2007, as well as the #1 on his jersey. Raccoons are native to North America and tend to habitat rural areas near human-populated areas. This behavior explains how the Raccoon became a common inhabitant of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge.
The Rapids chose Jorge to be one of their new 4-mascot crew because of the curious and mischievous nature of raccoons, which are representative of the club's young fans. The dark patches around the eyes, perhaps the raccoon's most prominent trait, are reminiscent of a "bandit's mask," and belie a playful mischief as part of the raccoon's personality!

Franz the Fox | Number: 5 | Position: Defender | Birthday: July 9, 2008

The Colorado Rapids unveiled the club’s fourth mascot, Franz the Fox, at the team's international match vs. UANL Tigres on July 9th, 2008. This match was the first time the Rapids had worn their new white, burgundy and red third kit.
The fourth, and newest member of the Rapids Mascots, Franz is a Vulpes vulpes, or as they are more commonly known, a red fox! Franz is a defender, and wears the Rapids' alternate kit, as well as the #5 on the back of his jersey. The red fox is native to Colorado and tends to make its habitat near human-populated areas, such as the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge!
The Rapids chose Franz to be part of their mascot crew because red foxes are very territorial, very loyal, and extremely quick on their feet as part of their nature.....the same qualities that make a superb defender!

What Happened to RapidMan?

RapidMan, the club’s former mascot, made the 4th of July, 2007, his official retirement date. After being part of the club since the team's inception in 1996, RapidMan announced plans to pursue other ventures.
The Rapids held a Testimonial Match in RapidMan's honor at halftime of the Rapids' July 4 game. In the soccer world, it is traditional to hold a testimonial match in recognizance of a player who gives 10 years or more of service to his club, and as RapidMan had served the Rapids organization for 12 seasons, the Rapids invited in several of RapidMan's fellow mascots from around Denver and the world to participate in the game.

Schedule Mascot Appearances:

Requests for 1 or more of the Rapids mascots to make appearances at community events, team functions, birthday parties, public festivals, corporate functions, or any other events can be arranged through the Rapids Front Office.

Please follow the below guidelines when requesting a Rapids mascot appearance:

All requests must be made by filling out the Rapids Mascot Request Form.Please include in the request as much information about the event as possible (date, time, location, driving directions, etc.)

All requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of an event date Specific mascots will not be guaranteed for any event, but they may be requested Please note that public or private events that are not of a charitable nature may be required to have an appearance fee or Rapids ticket purchase involved as a prerequisite.