Check out the Entire List of Every MLS Team's Unprotected Players as well as Some Interesting Facts - Major League Soccer posted today the entire list of unprotected players from all 10 existing MLS teams for the 2005 Expansion Draft that will take place on Friday November 19 at 2:00 p.m. (MT) and will be broadcast LIVE on ESPNews.

Check out the entire list of unprotected players from each club and then scroll down to the bottom of this email for some interesting facts about the lists.

Here is the list of unprotected players by team:

Chicago Fire:

M- Alexandre Boucicaut (TI)
M- Scott Buete
GK- D.J. Countess
M/D- Orlando Perez
GK- Henry Ring
F- Dipsy Selolwane (SI)
M/D- Evan Whitfield
M- Andy Williams

Colorado Rapids:

D- Antonio de la Torre
M- Joey DiGiamarino
M- Darryl Powell (SI)
D- Jeff Stewart
M- Seth Trembly
GK- Scott Vallow

Columbus Crew:

D- Nelson Akwari
M/D- Eric Denton
D- Steve Herdsman
GK- Matt Jordan
M- Manny Lagos
M- Brian Maisonneuve
F- Eric Scott (TI)
F- David Testo
F- Dante Washington

Dallas Burn:

D- Matt Behncke
GK- Scott Garlick
M- Ty Maurin
F- Toni Nhleko (SI)
M- Oscar Pareja
D- Philip Salyer

D.C. United:

M- Kevin Ara
D- Ezra Hendrickson
M- Tim Lawson
F- Thiago Martins
D- Ryan Nelsen (SI)
GK- Troy Perkins
F- Eliseo Quintanilla (TI)
M- Earnie Stewart

Kansas City Wizards:

M- Francisco Gomez
GK- Tony Meola
M- Preki
F- Igor Simutenkov (SI)
F- Matt Taylor
D- Alex Zotinca

Los Angeles Galaxy:

D/M- Paul Broome
GK- Dan Popik
M- Marcelo Saragosa (TI)
M/F- Arturo Torres


M/D- Pablo Brenes
F- Sergio Galvan-Rey (SI)
D/M- Tim Regan
M- Joselito Vaca (TI)
GK- Jonny Walker
GK- Zach Wells
D- Craig Ziadie

New England Revolution:

GK- Adin Brown
D- Joe Franchino
D- Steve Howey (SI)
M- Brian Kamler
D- Carlos Llamosa
F- Joe-Max Moore
D- Rusty Pierce

San Jose Earthquakes:

D- Jeff Agoos
F/M- Chris Brown
GK- Jon Conway
M- Ronnie Ekelund (SI)
D- Wes Hart
M- Chris Roner
F- Jamil Walker

Here are some interesting facts and numbers about the lists of unprotected players:

-The team with the most unprotected players was the Columbus Crew exposing nine (9) of their team members while the Los Angeles Galaxy was the team that had to expose the least players with only four (4).

-The only current Mexican-born player in MLS was left unprotected; it's the Colorado Rapids' Antonio de la Torre.

-Only two teams did not leave a Senior International player unprotected: the Columbus Crew and the LA Galaxy.

-Five of the 68 players left unprotected have played in all nine years of MLS including Columbus Crew midfielder Brian Maisonnueve - one of only three players who have been with the same team for all nine seasons (Jason Kreis FC Dallas and Cobi Jones Los Angeles Galaxy). San Jose Earthquakes defender Jeff Agoos who has won five MLS Cup Championships is joined by two-time MLS Most Valuable Player Preki of the MLS Cup 2004 runner-up Kansas City Wizards as well as Wizards' goalkeeper Tony Meola the 2000 League and Cup MVP. Rounding out the nine-year veterans is New England Revolution midfielder Brian Kamler.

-Each team has left at least one goalkeeper unprotected with a total of twelve available for selection. Joining Rapids 'keeper Scott Vallow is Tony Meola Eastern Conference starter in the 2004 Sierra Mist MLS All-Star Game Henry Ring of the Chicago Fire as well as U.S. National Team regular Jonny Walker of the MetroStars.

-12 Goalkeepers were unprotected.
MetroStars and Chicago both had the most players from this position with two (2) each.
Former Rapids goalkeepers unprotected: Scott Garlick Adin Brown.
Oldest: Tony Meola 1969
Youngest: D.J. Countess 1982

CHI- D.J. Countess
CHI- Henry Ring
COL- Scott Vallow
CLB- Matt Jordan
DAL- Scott Garlick
DCU- Troy Perkins
KCW- Tony Meola
LAG- Dan Popik
MET- Jonny Walker
MET- Zach Wells
NER- Adin Brown
SJE- Jon Conway

-16 Defenders were unprotected.
New England had the most players from this position with four (4).
Former Rapids defenders unprotected: Wes Hart and Steve Herdsman.
Oldest: Jeff Agoos 1968
Youngest: Nelson Akwari 1982

COL- Antonio de la Torre
COL- Jeff Stewart
CLB- Nelson Akwari
CLB- Steve Herdsman
DAL- Matt Behncke
DAL- Philip Salyer
DCU- Ezra Hendrickson
DCU- Ryan Nelsen (SI)
KCW- Alex Zotinca
MET- Craig Ziadie
NER- Joe Franchino
NER- Steve Howey (SI)
NER- Carlos Llamosa
NER- Rusty Pierce
SJE- Jeff Agoos
SJE- Wes Hart

-20 Midfielders were unprotected.
Chicago and Colorado had the most players from this position unprotected with three (3).
Former Rapids midfielders unprotected: NONE
Oldest: Preki 1963
Youngest: Ty Maurin 1982-08-16

CHI- Alexandre Boucicaut (TI)
CHI- Scott Buete
CHI- Andy Williams
COL- Joey DiGiamarino
COL- Darryl Powell (SI)
COL- Seth Trembly
CLB- Manny Lagos
CLB- Brian Maisonneuve
DAL- Ty Maurin
DAL- Oscar Pareja
DCU- Kevin Ara
DCU- Tim Lawson
DCU- Earnie Stewart
KCW- Francisco Gomez
KCW- Preki
KCW- Marcelo Saragoza (TI)
MET- Joselito Vaca (TI)
NER- Brian Kamler
SJE- Ronnie Ekelund (SI)
SJE- Chris Roner

-12 Forwards were unprotected.
Columbus had the most players from this position unprotected with three (3).
Former Rapids forwards unprotected: NONE
Oldest: Dante Washington 1970
Youngest: Eliseo Quintanilla 1984

CHI- Dipsy Selolwane (SI)
CLB- Eric Scott (TI)
CLB- David Testo
CLB- Dante Washington
DAL- Toni Nhleko (SI)
DCU- Thiago Martins
DCU- Eliseo Quintanilla (TI)
KCW- Igor Simutenkov (SI)
KCW- Matt Taylor
MET- Sergio Galvan-Rey (SI)
NER- Joe-Max Moore
SJE- Jamil Walker

-8 Utility players were unprotected two (2) midfielders/ forwards and six (6) midfielders/defenders.
MetroStars Chicago and the Galaxy had the most players in this category unprotected with two (2) each.
Former Rapids utility players unprotected: NONE
Oldest: Paul Broome 1976
Youngest: Pablo Brenes 1982

Utility players:
CHI- (M/D)- Orlando Perez
CHI- (M/D)- Evan Whitfield
CLB- (M/D)- Eric Denton
LAG- (D/M)- Paul Broome
LAG- (M/F)- Arturo Torres
MET- (M/D)- Pablo Brenes
MET- (D/M)- Tim Regan
SJE- (F/M)- Chris Brown