Watch: Moor pulls a 'Zidane' on The Dan Patrick Show

Watch: Moor joins MLS players in Brooklyn, NY to take penalty kicks and shots at Paule

Drew Moor and Paule Pabst of the Dan Patrick Show

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TheDanPatrickShow / Youtube

Last week Drew Moor represented the Rapids at a League-wide media and marketing tour at MLS headquarters in New York City.

Among his appearances was an interview talking sports business with The USA Today's BigSportsLead. He also stopped over at's office to guest-host the popular MLS Daily show.

But what looked like the most fun appearance involved Moor, San Jose's Steven Lenhart and Philadelphia's Michael Farfan showing Paul Pabst, producer of the popular nationallly syndicated Dan Patrick Show, what it's like to face MLS opponents. Watch the two videos below as three take shots on Paule, including Moor pulling a 'Zidane' on the producer: