Rookie Powers scored his first professional goal in draw with Timbers

First round SuperDraft pick hits rocket from distance for first goal in MLS

Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers scored his first professional goal in 2-2 draw with Portland:

On his goal and Edson’s contribution:

"Well I think just Edson (Buddle) was fantastic holding the ball, but when I saw when Chris (Klute) got the ball I tried to get myself in a shooting position because coach has been on me for not shooting, especially Wilmer, but you know."

On the emphasis of shooting in training:

"Yeah I think we have been doing a lot of that in practice, and they have been talking a lot about it as well. And I think we created a lot of chances today so we had a lot of opportunities to take shots."

On how it felt to score his first professional goal:

"It felt great you know, it’s a little disappointing that we didn’t get the result which is most important but you know it was nice to get a goal."

On what worked well in the first half:

"You know I think we had good runs in behind and you know I think we didn’t let them  get a rhythm, we had a lot of the ball and when you have a lot of the ball you’re going to create chances as well."

On the mentality in the second half with a two goal lead:

"No we tried to get our idea going out there was to get that second goal, let’s put this game away and get a third one in. We did get that second goal which makes it even more disappointing, you know 2-0 at home. But we didn’t want to sit back at all, we’re at home and we want to come out and win the game."