German Brewery Promises 10000 Free Beers to Fans of First Team to Beat Bayern Munich

BERLIN (AP)- A German brewery has promised to pour 10000 liters of free beer for fans of the first Bundesliga team to beat Bayern Munich.

Bayern is unbeaten this season and riding a league record 15-match winning streak. Opposition fans fear the club will run away with the title for the second straight year.

"Both us and the fans want some suspense in the season'' Bitburger spokesman Dietmar Henle.

"We hope this will encourage the fans to cheer on their team even more. Nothing against Bayern but there must be some excitement.''

Bitburger will up the offer by 1000 liters every time Bayern doesn't lose. The brewery has extra incentive to inject excitement into the season - it sponsors a popular TV sports highlights show.

Fans of Hamburg will get the first crack at the big beer blast on Saturday.

Their second-placed team is four points behind Bayern and boasts a 16-match unbeaten streak of its own.


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