Pumas Coach Fined and Suspended For Saying Referees and Mexican Federation are Targeting Him

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Pumas coach Hugo Sanchez has been fined 70200 pesos (US$6700) and suspended for one game for complaining that referees and even the Mexican soccer federation seem to be targeting him.

The soccer's disciplinary commission announced late Monday that after investigating a complaint filed by Mexican referees had agreed to the sanctions.

"We think the statements were serious disciplinary commission president Alfonso Sabater said.

On Sunday Sanchez was expelled from Pumas' 1-0 victory Sunday over Chivas of Guadalajara in the second half for complaining about referee decisions.

Sanchez said after the game that he felt his expulsion was unfair and that the Mexican federation seemed to have given referees "some kind of order" that he should be expelled from games for very little reason.

He added that he believed the Mexican federation was fining him to try to raise money to pay its own $575000 fine imposed by FIFA after it was discovered that two Mexican defenders Salvador Carmona and Aaron Galindo tested positive for banned substances during the Confederations Cup in Germany in June.


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