Q&A With Rapids Defender Cory Gibbs

COMMERCE CITY CO (ColoradoRapids.com)- Hey kids! Check out the latest Colorado Rapids Q&A session with your favorite Rapids players!

This week we had time to sit down with a quick Q&A with Colorado Rapids defender #7 Cory Gibbs.

Find out what Cory had to say regarding some of his favorite likes what he does off the field in his free time and more!

ColoradoRapids.com: Cory do you have any pregame rituals?

Cory Gibbs: "When I am getting ready for a game I most like to listen to music get in the zone and stay relaxed."

CRC: What's your favorite vacation spot?

CG: "Jamaica it's actually where I was born."

CRC: Besides your fellow Rapids teammates what other soccer players would you pay to see live playing in person?

CG: "Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) or Ronaldinho (AC Milan)"

CRC:Who do you think is the league’s best passer?

CG: "I'd have to say it's Landon Donovan of the LA Galaxy."

CRC:Being a defender who do you think has the league’s hardest shot?

CG: "Well he's not in the league any more but I would say it was FC Dallas’ Kenny Cooper."

CRC:What CD is playing in your car right now?

CG: "Right now in my car it's 'The Dream: Love vs. Money'"

CRC:When you finish playing in MLS what would you most like to do?

CG: "Spend my time relaxing in Miami!"

Thanks Cory for taking the time to answer questions about yourself with us!

Check out Cory Gibbs' official bio page online by clicking here!