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Folan: "playing again is a great feeling"

Commerce City, Colo. (April 3, 2011) - Caleb Folan, the Colorado Rapids Man of the Match after scoring two goals in a 4-1 win over D.C. United, talks about his first two goals in MLS.  (Transcriptions follows video interview).

On the game overall:

“Coming into the game, I think we were high on confidence but we wanted to maintain the winning streak. So obviously we set out to do well, and attack and go for the win. It was a bit slow to start the game; it took us a while to find out feet. But I think in time we kind of gelled, were passing the ball a lot better and were finding space, playing the right plays, attacking the team and creating chances. Thankfully I got on the end of a few today.”

On his first goal:

“I spoke with the coach, and the only way you’re going to score goals is being positive and trying to make the runs in behind. Steve (Guppy) talked to me before the game and he kind of wanted me to carry on the momentum and drive for the goal. So when the midfield players had the ball I was trying to make the run in behind, and they saw that. When I saw (Jeff Larentowicz) had the ball, I let him know that I was going. The ball came up a bit further out from the goal. All I wanted to do was get in front of the defender and stand him up, try to get him off balance, and create some space to shoot.”

On second goal:

“We have a lot of strength and depth and the guys practice really hard on their game and what they do. I know Sanna (Nyassi) when he gets the ball wide, he’s got really good feet and he tries to get past the defender and put the ball in the box. It’s easier for me because I know what he’s going to do so I tried to get into the box, time my run and the flight of the ball. He put in a great cross and thankfully I got on the end of it.”

On getting back on the field and in the scoring column:

“I had a few injuries in recent times and was wanting a new challenge. It was great to come out here initially, and playing again is a great feeling. I still don’t feel quite where I want to be, but the more I play and the more I gel with the lads, I’m sure I’ll get to feel comfortable. (I’m) pleased with the performance, more pleased with the team performance and the win.” 




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