Omar Cummings vs SJ
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Cummings: It's difficult when a goal is scored that early

Colorado Rapids forward Omar Cummings following the 4-1 home loss to San Jose:

On the match:

"It’s difficult for us, when a goal is scored that early in the game. Once a goal is scored, we’re always on the back foot, and probably got opened up a little more trying to get a goal. Just for us, it was always an uphill battle."

On losing momentum:

"I think after the second goal we created a little better, but coming out wanting to do even better but getting scored on so early, again it just kind of knocked the wind out of you. We had to rebuild again and it’s just difficult."

On having chances but not getting goals:

"It’s seemed like that all season, so I guess nothing has changed. Again, it’s good to get any opportunities, bad not finishing."


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