STH Smith Family

Marco's STH of the Match: Smith Family

As part of their benefits package, all Full Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to be the featured Season Ticket Holder of the Match in 2013. 


Smith Family - March 30, Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers

RAPIDS: How long have you been a season ticket holder?

SMITH FAMILY: Since 1996.

RAPIDS: Who is your favorite player on the Rapids and why?

SMITH FAMILY: That is a hard one but I think the top would have to be Pablo Mastroeni because he is a great player and is still in it for the fans.

RAPIDS: Who is your favorite soccer team outside of MLS and why?

SMITH FAMILY: We don't have a #1 favorite team outside the MLS. As long as it is a good game we don't care.

RAPIDS: How did you fall in love with soccer?

SMITH FAMILY: Leslie was one of the first four girls to start girls’ soccer in CO. Donny and I grew up playing as well as our children have.

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