Video: Power soccer comes to Colorado

Some of the best appearances Colorado Rapids players make in the community are the ones where the kids become the stars, not the pros. A little while back Colorado Rapids midfielder Nick LaBrocca and Edson the Eagle attended a unique event where kids in wheel chairs got an opportunity to play soccer. Local station, 9News, was there to capture and share the story of how the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation started Power Soccer (video above).

According to 9News' report, "power soccer is played with a bumper on the front of the power wheelchair that is used to move the soccer ball. The soccer ball is slightly larger than a standard ball."

"The sport has done so much in my life and become such a key part of my life, and I've seen how it touched so many other people's lives," J.C. Russo, a member of the Team USA power soccer team, told 9News.

Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation (CASF) provides financial support, coaching and mentoring so athletes with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in organized team sports programs. More info here.



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