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Playoff Scenarios: Colorado Rapids control own hopes, could even qualify next week

Following Wednesday night’s results, where Vancouver claimed a 4-1 win in Seattle, and San Jose held serve at home by defeating Colorado, 1-0, the Western Conference standings are even tighter than before the week began. The top seven teams are separated by only seven points, and only the top five make the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Here’s how wild the standings are: on Oct. 10, the Rapids are only five points from the best record in MLS, four points from the top of the West, three points from second place, and yet only one point away from being bumped from the playoffs.


As it stands, Colorado controls their own hopes and will make the MLS Cup Playoffs by winning the final two games – home to Vancouver on Oct. 19 and away at Vancouver on Oct. 27 – which is, incidentally, the final game of the 2013 MLS Regular Season.

But there are numerous other potential scenarios which would get the Rapids into the playoffs, including the following most simple, fastest, and only way to secure a berth next weekend:

  • Colorado defeat Vancouver on Oct. 19 (4 p.m. MT, BUY TICKETS) AND
  • San Jose lose at the LA Galaxy on Sunday, Oct. 20 (7 p.m. MT, ESPN)

Regardless of what happens in the LAvSJ game, the Rapids could possibly clinch a berth before the season finale pending a number of other results. We’ll post another scenarios’ update after Dallas, Seattle, Portland, and LA each play their 32nd game of the year – which will happen before the Rapids host the Whitecaps on Oct. 19.


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