Follow Friday: Grant Van De Casteele

Each Friday, I'll let you know which player, coaches, staff, and media you should follow for news and updates, or just for fun.

Let's start with Rapids rookie Grant Van De Casteele

What to expect? Hilarity. There aren't many ways to say it. Van De Casteele is a funny guy.

There was the time he made the sacrifice of following in LeBron James's footsteps, for the fans, of course. 

There was the time he attributed quite the quote to his roommate, Dillon Powers. 

And while VDC might be a prolific tweeter, he should probably never offer driving lessons...

BONUS: Grant is also amazing on Instagram. He takes his #TBT (and cookie cake) very seriously.

Check out Grant's social profiles and be sure to come back next week for more!


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