FAQ for expanded Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

On July 10, the Colorado Rapids and Colorado Fusion Soccer Club joined forces to form an expanded Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club, which will provide competitive and developmental teams for boys and girls of all ages and all ability levels. The comprehensive Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club will continue to teach the sport to children throughout the area, offering opportunities for young players of all ages, experience, backgrounds and talent levels. PRESS RELEASE

By joining together we believe that we are creating the most comprehensive youth soccer organization in the state of Colorado and that our expanded programs will offer boys and girls of all abilities a safe and encouraging place to develop their passion and talent in the sport of soccer. Below are some frequently asked questions about the partnership.

What are the benefits of the Rapids and Fusion joining together?

  1. Our club will offer the most comprehensive programming in the state, serving all ages and all ability levels, from the youngest developmental players from 3 years old, up to elite level players at age 18 who will compete at the state and national levels.
  2. Our ability to offer developmentally appropriate programs for kids of all ages and all abilities will be greatly expanded, and we will also be able to provide opportunities to children who might otherwise not have a chance to play organized soccer.
  3. One club will also offer the most complete player development path and the most comprehensive programs for training and retaining the best youth coaching staff.
  4. The combined club will affiliate our players with a professional soccer club, creating one of the most unique partnerships in the nation between a professional sports organization and a youth sports organizations.

Will this give more opportunities to players?
By combining the programming and utilizing the tremendous resources of the two organizations we will be able to offer a wider variety of programming to an increasingly diverse population. For players aspiring to reach top levels, the development path will be streamlined. For developmental players we will be able to offer additional playing opportunities in age groups currently limited by the number of registered participants.

When does the change go into effect?
Operational changes will begin to take effect immediately and will be completed over the next year. All players and teams will register under the CRYSC banner from this point forward.

Will coaches and teams be changing?
Since the two organizations have been working together for the last two years, and since our player placement process has been combined over the last year, families will notice very little difference in staffing for individual teams. There will be no changes for players placed on teams for the 2012/2013 season.

Where will the teams practice and play games?
There will be no changes to the current 2012/2013 field assignments. The top competitive team in each age group, the Rapids Academy team, will still train and play out of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. All other competitive teams will operate out of Lowry Sports Park and Aurora Sports Park. Developmental players will continue to play and practice in their home geography.

How do I register and make payment?
Developmental player registration for the 2012/2013 season is now open and players can register to play at www.coloradofusion.org or by calling Kathy Mass at 303.399.5858.
Players interested in joining one of our competitive teams will go through the normal competitive placement process. More information can be found at coloradofusion.org or coloradorapids.com/youth.

Please note that high school boys placement will take place July 23, 25 and 26 at Dick’s Sporting Good Park as previously scheduled.

Will the price of the programs change?
Outside of normal inflationary increases there will be no significant cost differences in the programs.

Do we need to purchase new uniforms?
Uniforms will be transitioned to the Rapids brand and colors under the existing replacement cycles so there will not be a need to unnecessarily purchase a new uniform package. We are happy to report that for all newly formed 2012/2013 teams, adidas has made it possible for this transition to take effect immediately and under the same cost structure. Uniforms for developmental players can be purchased from Soccer Stop and are available for order online. Uniforms for competitive players are ordered during the team registration process.

Is it possible to get scholarships into the program?
Yes. We will continue to offer need based financial assistance to our membership. More information can be obtained from the CRYSC office.

I’m currently registered as a Rapids or Fusion player, where do I go for more information?

All players registered with teams formed under the name of Rapids Academy should still contact the Academy office at 303.727.3575 or rapidsacademy@dsgpark.com for registration, payment, schedules and other matters related to their teams. Players who registered with a Colorado Fusion team will contact our office at 303.399.5858 or email brenda.house@coloradofusion.org