Supporters Terrace Rules and Regulations

The Rapids Supporters Terrace located behind the north goal allows the Centennial 38 Supporters Group a place to call their own. Flags, banners, musical instruments, singing and other passionate support of the team at home games will all be encouraged,making the Supporters Terrance the place to be for Colorado’s most enthusiastic soccer fans. The Supporters Terraceis designed for adults. Younger fans may enter if they are accompanied by an adult. Although IDs will not be checked, this isintended to be an adult oriented section, general admission area.
  • Smoking in designated areas.
  • Drums and musical instruments – when brought into the stadium via the 3 step process listed below.
  • Following the fan Code of Conduct.
  • Adhering to PROHIBITED / RESTRICTED items.
  • Following the SIGN, BANNER, and FLAG policy.
  • Note that in the supporters terrace a fan may attach the flag to a 5’ pole made out of ½” PVC pipe.
  • Confetti – when thrown straight up into the air during a time of celebration.
  • Smoking in the stands or terrace.
  • Vuvuzelas, air horns, horns, or whistles.
  • Standing on seats.
  • Confetti – when thrown at the field, during the run of play, or at an individual, referee, player, staff, or anyone else.
  • Visiting team jerseys of any kind.
We have created a three step process so HOME supporters can bring in special cheering items:
STEP 1 – At the beginning of the season supporter leaders will bring all supporter cheering items to the stadium. These are the items that are designed to live at the stadium for the entire season. These items will then be placed in the large garage (by the NE ramp) for storage and access on game day.
STEP 2 – On game day, supporter leaders will work with Argus Security to gain access into the garage to retrieve the cheering items. At the end of the game, supporter leaders will need to collect all cheering items and work with Argus Security to put the items back into storage in the garage. Anything left in the terraces is considered trash and will be thrown out.
STEP 3 – Miscellaneous, day of game cheering items. Dicks Sporting Goods Park and the Colorado Rapids understand that some supporter fans may have game specific cheering items they wish to bring to the stadium. 2 hours prior to kick off, 24 Hour security and the Rapids Director of Operations will swing by the tailgate area and collect these items. These items will be checked and the approved items will be brought by security to the supporter’s terrace for that game. If the items are not checked in during this time the items will not be allowed in for that game. No exceptions. After the game, the owners of these items may store them with the other supporters cheering gear or they may take them home. Again, any items left on the terraces will be trash.