2015.05.28 SOCO

SOCO Practice on Wednesday, May 28

The weather, the athletes, and the Unified partners all brought their “A” game to practice on Wednesday, May 28. After our initial practice on May 14, we had one week off and were anxious to get back together again. Of course, Cody Field was there to welcome everyone with a high five and his infectious attitude!

We started off with some dribbling moves, different techniques, and had some fun during our warm up exercises while incorporating static and dynamic stretching. This progressed to short passing with a partner through a “goal” while gradually increasing the distance between partners to play longer passes. As the confidence and skill level increased, each partnership was challenged to a race against the clock to four different “goals.” The manner in which the athletes and partners worked together was incredible! The constant dialogue of encouragement and praise contributed to not only more enjoyment, but also to more success.

One of our athletes, Kristina, is loving getting to know all her new friends and teammates. She always has a smile on her face, especially when she gets a chance to choose her partner for the activity.However, the real challenge comes when trying to determine who has the bigger smile, Kristina or her Unified partner!

After all of the dribbling, passing, and teamwork, the practice culminated with our first full-field scrimmage. Playing on a large field created more opportunities to demonstrate what they had just practiced. Although there are challenges that come with bigger space, formations, and positional spacing, all the players worked hard and remained supportive.

We wrapped up the practice with a team cheer and final instructions. All of the athletes, partners, and coaches are excited for next week and upcoming season. Check back often for more blog updates throughout the season. Thanks for the continued support!

Go Rapids SOCO!!