SOCO blog post, July 28
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Practice update and an exciting opportunity

Written by: SOCO Intern Sam Quiat

The Colorado Rapids Special Olympics Unified All-Star Soccer team met again last Wednesday night at Douglas County High School. During the nearly two hour practice, the team worked on passing, dribbling and then scrimmaged in anticipation of their upcoming trip to Dallas on August 9. When asked about the upcoming trip unified partner Azur Ewari said: “I’m pretty excited about the trip. It’s one of those experiences that you look forward to. It should be a lot of fun.”

Another type of buzz surrounded the practice as the athletes and partners were set to attend a soccer clinic hosted by Aon and Manchester United before the Guinness International Champions Cup match on July 26. The team was excited about the possibility of meeting some of the Man Utd players at the clinic and learning from them. When asked about meeting some of the players Vincent Egan said: “It would be a great honor to meet those guys and to be able to get better from them.”

The team has come a long way since that first practice at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  We asked a few players on the team whom they think might have improved the most and while there was a wide range of player’s names thrown out there, every player who was nominated agreed that it was all due to their teammates' and coaches' help and support. The team will meet again next week to further their preparation for their trip to Dallas.