Away Supporters Rules and Regulations

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and the Colorado Rapids welcome visiting supporters to our home. We encourage Visiting Supporters to proudly support their team. We have amended a few of our rules and regulations from the previous season to better assist you in your quest to cheer on your team. Please respect our rules and regulations and have a great time.


Visiting Supporters Section:

The Visiting Supporters Section at DSGP is in section 136.

Visiting Supporters Tailgating:

Visiting Supporters have a specific tailgating location. This location is located between Lot BB and the West side of field 19. At this location you will be able to park and set up on the sidewalk while utilizing the restrooms located just north of your location. Please refer to the DSGP Fan Guide for exact tailgating rules and regulations.

Visiting Supporter Cheering Gear:

Visiting Supporters may bring the following items into the game. If you plan to bring any of these items, please call the Rapids to arrange a meeting with a team official.

Drums and drum sticks.

Signs, banners, and flags are permitted provided the item falls within the following guidelines:

  • Item may not obstruct facility signage.
  • Item may not contain or display any profane, offensive, graphic, obscene language and/or pictures as determined by facility/event management.
  • Item is not taped, glued, or secured using an adhesive agent of any kind.
  • The hanging of the banner, flag, or sign does not in any way damage the stadium walls, paint, railings, glass, or any stadium property.
  • Item may not obstruct the view of other guests or create a safety hazard as determined by facility/event management.
  • Item may not be constructed of wood, metal, or any other material that may cause harm to others as determined by facility/event management.
  • Item may not contain commercial or political messages of any kind.
  • Item may not be used as a projectile.

You may bring in confetti. Confetti may be thrown in times of celebration of your team’s success; such as a goal. A corner kick, throw in, or kick off is not considered a time of celebration. Confetti thrown at players, referees, or any event staff is strictly prohibited and guilty fans will be ejected from the facility.

Prohibited Items:

  • Weapons of any kind (i.e. knives, pepper spray, stun-guns, any concealed weapons, firearms, etc.).
  • Fireworks of any kind.
  • Illegal drugs or chemicals.
  • Any missile / projectile like objects.
  • Glass bottles or aluminum cans.
  • Large golf umbrellas or umbrellas with metal tips.
  • Outside food and beverages.
  • Hard-sided cooler or containers of any size.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Animals (except service animals with paper work and bib).
  • Vuvuzelas, Air horns or whistles of any kind.
  • Streamers of any kind.
  • Un-approved pamphlets, handouts, advertisements, etc.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, roller shoes, etc.
  • Frisbees or inflated balls of any kind.

Prohibited Items Strictly Permitted For Approved Supporter Groups

Confetti (must only be thrown after a goal by your team), drums and drumsticks, flags (if attached to a pole it must be PVC pipe no longer than 3 ½ feet long), banners.  Please note all of these items must be brought to Gate A 45 mins. prior to kick.  All items are subject to search.  We also know that some groups use masks as part of their supporter culture, but based on recent tragic events here in Colorado we’d ask that you respect the situation and not use them for this event.

Stadium Access:

Entering the Stadium

  • Visiting Supporters are encouraged to meet at gate "A" 30 minutes prior to kick. During this time Argus Security will scan tickets and approve above cheering items.
  • Please note that Visiting Supporters will not be allowed to bring in any cheering gear through any other gate. Only gate "A", 30 minutes prior to kick. If you are late getting to gate "A" with your cheering supplies, the cheering supplies will not be allowed into the stadium and you will need to enter the stadium via another gate without your cheering gear.

Exiting the Stadium

  • After the game, visiting supporters are encouraged to stay in their seats until the bowl clears out. Once the bowl is cleared out please exit the stadium via gate "A".

Please understand and respect that the Colorado Rapids and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park are very serious about enforcing all of its rules and regulation that are listed in the Dicks Sporting Goods Park Fan Guide. Please take the time to read, review, and understand all aspects of the Dicks Sporting Goods Park Fan Guide. Please note that your Visiting Cheering Gear is not listed in the Fan Guide. It is listed above. Any ejection of a Visiting Supporter will result in permanent ban from DSGP. Dicks Sporting Goods Park and the Colorado Rapids will also work very closely with your home team’s front office and possible bans or punishment will result at your home stadium.


Visiting Supporter Contact Info

Andrea Garza, 303.727.3724,