Centennial 38

The supporters group for the Colorado Rapids is known as Centennial 38. C38 was formed prior to the 2013 season through the collaborative efforts of three separate groups — Class VI, Bulldog Supporters Group, and Pid Army—who unified to form one voice to passionately support the Rapids!

The group's name Centennial 38, colloquially referred to as C38, is a nod to the state of Colorado, which became the 38th state in the Union in 1876, 100 years after the signing of the nation's Declaration of Independence.

The inaugural leadership of C38 consisted of six board members that included two members from each of the former groups. The group now occupies two sections of DICK'S Sporting Goods Park: On the south end of the stadium in Section 117, a standing section where the most raucous, passionate fans can be found singing and drumming for the entire match and section 108, for a top end view with the same zeal found in Section 117.

C38 has exclusive access to members-only events with players and staff, lower ticket prices, and the ability to bring tifo, drums, and noisemakers into the stadium.

In addition to the benefits of membership, prior to every Rapids home match, C38 also hosts the best and largest tailgate in the MLS, open to ALL Rapids fans. They host buses from downtown bars to the stadium with beers to and from the game, and their tailgate features Colorado craft beer and food including fresh-made pizza, hot dogs, and specialty items.

There are no fees to join C38, and joining is as simple as sending an email to join@c38sg.com to be added to the mailing list.

Fans are also encouraged to stay connected on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram @c38sg, on Snapchat @centennial38, and on the official website www.c38sg.com.



Fan Code of Conduct

Fans located in the designated Supporter Sections will need to follow the Fan Code of Conduct and the Prohibited items policy. Dick’s Sporting Goods Park management reserves the right to deny any item as determined by facility / event management. Below is a list of items only permitted in the designated Supporters Sections:


  • Approved drums and musical instruments
  • Signs, banners and flags, following the SIGN, BANNER, and FLAG policy.
  • Flag poles 6’ tall and made out of ½” PVC pipe.
  • Confetti – when thrown straight up into the air during a time of celebration.

*Note these items may only be brought in to the stadium at the designated time through the C38 gate or pre-arranged by stadium management


  • Vuvuzelas, air horns or whistles
  • Standing on seats
  • Confetti – when thrown at the field, during the run of play, or at an individual, referee, player, staff, or anyone else
  • Streamers of any kind
  • Visiting team apparel or gear of any kind