It’s more than a just a game. It’s about the community. The people you tailgate, cheer and celebrate alongside. From the fans in the stands to the players on the field, we are all moving in the same direction. We live and love the sport of soccer, and we are honored to represent the state of Colorado. Our pride and our passion bring us together. We have ONE goal. ONE heartbeat. We are ONECLUB.

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 ONECLUB. ONE Heartbeat. Learn More.

The human heartbeat is by definition “an animated or vital unifying force.” It signals that there is life and it is a sign of being alive. With out it there is nothing. 

Our fans bring us life. Without you, we have nothing. Without you we cannot move forward as ONECLUB. 

Become a ONECLUB member - a community that shares a love and energy for the game and our state. Join us in continuing our traditions, reminiscing on our favorite memories, and celebrating what the future has in store.

When you hear the heartbeat pulsing throughout DICK’S Sporting Goods Park that means we are moments away from kickoff. We want to welcome the Burgundy Boys with spirit and pride. one way to 'Be the Heartbeat' is through our gameday flags. The flag is synonymous with the sport of soccer. It is seen as a symbol of support, used to rally the faithful, and we want you to be apart of it. This season, we're placing flags on field and in the hands of our 'Heartbeat Captains' to help raise the pre-kick atmosphere at DICK'S Sporting Goods Park. Join Centennial 38 and our Season Ticket Members in celebrating this full-stadium, fan-led tradition! Want to be apart of the tradition? Click the link below see how you can get involved. 




 How does the ONECLUB Membership work

If you attend one Rapids game, you’re one of us. You’re part of ONECLUB.

As a ONECLUB member, fans can build their own membership plan or choose from one of our recommended options below – plus each member will receive an exclusive scarf! (Full Season Ticket Members will receive the traditional burgundy & white striped scarf pictured above)

Plans start at a minimum of one game and go up to a full season ticket membership that includes all 17 home games.

For more information on ONECLUB Memberships, please call 303.825.GOAL or email