Exclusive: Coach John Murphy's Off-Season Scouting Diary

WESTMINSTER (Exclusive to - Here at we were able to persuade Rapids Assistant Coach John Murphy to share with us his scouting diary about what he has been up to so far this off-season in regards to his scouting efforts for the club.

Check out Coach Murphy's exclusive inside look at his activities so far this off-season with his diary below!

Coach Murphy’s 30 Days Around the World (well not really just felt like it!)
By Colorado Rapids Assistant Coach John Murphy

I hope everyone out there is well and getting ready for the Holidays! I have been asked to update all of you about my goings-on since our last game of the season back in November.

Basically now that we are in the off-season one would think this is a good time for me to relax and kick back a bit. Well it’s a good time for it but it doesn’t happen! Since the Western Conference Final in Houston I have kept the following schedule scouring the globe for the finest soccer players while staying in some of the finest 2-star hotels the Western Hemisphere has to offer:

November 11-13: Chicago Illinois for four NCAA games. Man it was cold! It did not stop me though from going to Giordano’s twice for Italian beef sandwiches….killer!

November 18-29: Buenos Ares Argentina. Too many games too many training sessions too many asada meals at midnight to remember! Buenos Aires is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to. There are over 40 teams in the 1st 2nd and 3rd divisions within the city boundaries and it was a thrill to spend time at Boca Juniors Huracan and Lanus. The fans are amazing and are true supporters of their teams. Things are always moving 100 miles an hour except when it is time to drink coffee. I am used to chugging Dunkin' Donuts coffee in a styrofoam cup as I am going 70 down the Mass Pike but there everyone stops to chat a relax a bit…very nice philosophy.

December 1-3: St Louis Missouri for the NCAA Final Four. Again fantastic Midwest weather cancelled the games on Friday and the matches were played on the Saturday. Despite the weather the field was in amazing shape and both games were not negatively impacted by the surface. UCLA looked in the driver’s seat to win the championship with a 4-0 win over Virginia in the semis but Santa Barbara after a shootout win over Wake Forest prevailed 2-1 in the final to win their 1st national championship.

December 6-9: Tampa Florida for the Nike Friendlies. The weather was much better this time around as I took in games of the U-17 US National Team bookended by matches played by both Colorado Rush and Real Colorado. It was nice to see the local boys and get a better idea of the standard of play within our state – I was impressed with their performances. The US national team played their B squad in a 4-1 win over Arsenal and the 1st group tied with the U-17’s of Brazil 2-2 in an entertaining match.

Here's an inside look at my upcoming schedule for the next few months:

December 14: back to Boston for the Holidays. Great the Bruins Celtics AND NOW the Pats stink….home just in time!!!

December 17-20: USL Combine and the US U-20 National Team camp in Tampa Florida

January 4-8: MLS Combine in Fort Lauderdale Florida

January 12: MLS Draft in Indianapolis Indiana

February 3: Rapids players report to training camp!

Yikes writing all this out I realize I've done a ton of traveling in the last several weeks.....I need a nap! Talk to you soon and I hope all the fans out there have a safe and happy holiday season!!!!

-Coach Murphy