Oscar Pareja walks to locker room
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Pareja says everyone is competing for spots

Oscar Pareja's post-game comments following 2-1 home loss to San Jose:

On the game overall:
"Well, we are all disappointed with the result of that game. The whole game we couldn’t find a rhythm. It was good for positive [movement] and good for sequences, but we couldn’t find a rhythm. But when San Jose started putting people up front, I don’t think we had the solidness to get the ball and control the game, not in that moment. The game could be either way, we could have had another goal, and we had some chances to put the game away, or they could get an equalizer and that’s what happened. Today is one of those nights where you leave with that bad flavor, but we’re moving forward."
On the last 15 minutes of play:
"I think at that point with 15 minutes left in the game we couldn’t control the ball; we couldn’t control the rhythm of the game. And then we started getting tired. Because when you get the ball back, you make an effort to get the ball back.  When you give the ball away immediately it makes it a nervous game out of nowhere, and that’s what happened in the last 10-15 minutes. We started losing our legs because it takes a lot of intensity to get the ball back. But once we get it, we didn’t have that solidness to possess it and move it and then we just gave it away immediately. And that expels our energy downwards."
On the message to the team to keep morale up:
"Keep your heads up.  This is a moment when we have to see the personality of the group.  We want to see the personality of the players that we have. It’s a long season. Sure, at this moment we are disappointed at the result, and getting two loses in a row is not easy especially this one when you’re at home and you were leading 1-0. We all feel like something is not coming along.  But the locker room is strong and the boys, we’re going to bounce back try to get our points."
On players competing for the left back spot:
"We are all competing for our spot, including coaches, everybody.  It’s a day by day thing. This about us all respecting this club and this franchise and the fans and everyone. I think this is a message for everyone, it’s not just Luis who is competing for one spot, this is soccer, this is business and we all have to do our job well because that’s what it is."