Season Ticket Holder of Match - Robert Burkhardt

Marco's STH of the Match: Robert Burkhardt

As part of their benefits package, all Full Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to be the featured Season Ticket Holder of the Match in 2013. 


Robert Burkhardt - April 20, Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders

How long have you been a Season Ticket Holder?

"I have been a Season ticket holder since the beginning (it was a great pleasure to be called onto the field a few years ago to receive a framed jersey with my name)."

Who is your favorite player on the Colorado Rapids and why?

"Clint Irwin is terrific between the posts. He has guessed right on every PK so far this season; he stuffed Saborio of RSL; he jinxed the Chivas player; and he is growing rapidly in the job. Also, Clint and my daughter both graduated from Elon University last May. Elon Phoenix!"

What is your favorite Colorado Rapids memory?

"Hercules Gomez scoring the very first goal at DSGP."

Who is your favorite team outside of MLS and why?

"My favorite team is the USMNT, and I was there for the "Thrilla in the Chilla." It was epic, as was the result a few days later in the Azteca."

How did you fall in love with soccer?

"I have played soccer for decades (I am 72) as a goalie, and my last competitive game was in the summer of 2012."

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