Oscar Pareja after win: "this group is becoming stronger mentally"

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the team's 2-0 home win over Chivas USA:

On the game overall:
"We’re happy with the result. We’re happy with the performance. Always, winning at home with a good atmosphere. The people came to see the boys, and getting them what they wanted with the three points with a good performance. But as a coach you always want more and you always think that you can be better. Especially with this team that is young and that is in an ongoing process but all we want today is to enjoy this victory at home and keep working. I know the boys know that that’s the way to do it."
On the difference in performance:
"I think this group is becoming stronger mentally. I think this reason is because of the adversity we have faced during the slump of injuries and things like that. The group has learned so far that that’s the game and we cannot just stay there talking about all those things, and then everybody’s moving forward looking for solutions and answers. I think we have a group, now, stronger mentally and I’m very proud of that."
On the defensive performance throughout the season:
"I think we set this team defensively first. That was one of the weaknesses we had last year. The first thing that we put into preseason, the thought that we put in their minds was that we need to defend better. We will score goals. This team will create options. Last year, we created a lot of options all the time, but we need to be solid defensively and I think the guys are doing a great job on that."
On Nathan Sturgis:
"Nathan is playing very well. I think Nathan is one of those personalities on the team that reflects what we are living inside the locker room. He’s a guy that when he didn’t play he kept working, didn’t say anything, and push, push, push. He knew that there was going to be an opportunity for him some time and he waited for it. And now he’s taken it and is embracing the opportunity and making our job very difficult now when the other guys come [back from injury]."
On the quick turnaround to face Orlando in Open Cup play on Tuesday:
"I have such a professional group that we’re building here. Nobody is complaining and everybody’s available to go and do what we need to do in Orlando. We want to take this cup seriously. It’s a matter of respect for the club, and the players know that that’s our job and we’re going to try to put together a team that can do the job in Orlando and then save some legs to those that are going to face Dallas in our game on Saturday."