Nick LaBrocca: "Everybody was dangerous" in win over New England

Colorado Rapids midfielder Nick LaBrocca following the 2-1 home win over New England, in which he scored his first goal of the season:

On coming back to get the win:

"It’s the fun of the game. As soon as you start worrying about chances that you don’t get, you start hesitating and then you’re never going to score one of those so that’s a good thing about this team is even looking at some of the games where we could have won, it doesn’t faze us, we keep going and we keep attacking the goal and we’re going to be alright."

On his goal:

"Yeah, I saw [Goncalves] coming, he was closing down my right foot so I figured I’d try and hit it over the left, and luckily there was enough space in there to just let one rip."

On whether getting more players forward in the second half changed the game:

"A little extra urgency too, and the speed of play I think picked up a little bit, and especially the second half with altitude, those gaps open up and we expose them, which helped us."

On shots hitting defenders:

"No I haven’t thought about it, just keep shooting and sometimes they’re going to hit defenders, sometimes they’re not, so today was a good day for that."

On finding space in the middle of the field:

"It was just the pockets. Our build up was very good and as the game went on we kept picking up the pace and picking up the pace and we were able to get more and more gaps. Everybody was able to get in and everybody was involved and everybody was dangerous. It’s one of our advantages. It’s tough for teams coming here and the more can pick up the pace then the harder it is for visiting teams."