Oscar Pareja on win over Dallas: "A huge result for us"

Colorado Rapids Coach Oscar Pareja following 2-1 home win over FC Dallas:

On [Vicente] Sanchez’s performance:

"Well for everyone, actually, I thought it was a game the people enjoyed. The people who came out to support us despite the conditions and the weather and that was an encouragement for this group. We came out to the field and see a crowd there, that was great and then the response from the players to the fans was fantastic.  People enjoyed a great game against a very good team and a huge result for us."
On the difference in the second half:

"I thought in the first half we played very well. I thought we spread the ball the way we wanted and had the control of the game all the time. We didn’t have too many options, but I can still remember three options: Atiba [Harris] from a cross, Atiba just led the ball that Nathan [Sturgis] almost scored, and I thought Edson [Buddle] almost had another one, so we had good chances in the first half.

"Second half was more exciting, that’s probably why we can remember the second half more because the energy and what happened, but the first half was well played by us. It was good. I enjoyed the team. And then second half, through the motions and what Vicente brought to the team and all that talent, the people need to come and see this team."
On Torres substitution:

"[Gabriel Torres] came up from two games with his national team and as much as we want him and need him, we want to give him good time on the field so he can provide what we need. Also, Edson has done a great job from his end, so we wanted to have that energy in the second half with Gabriel. Vicente is giving us a spark in the middle with creativity and linking with everyone and he’s bringing a great soccer IQ there for everyone. Deshorn [Brown] came up in the point where we needed his energy as well, but also his speed in order to get in behind because I knew Dallas was going to throw bodies up front and send numbers up and we were expecting one or two chances with Deshorn in behind that we actually had. And also, he came and helped. But the whole team, they worked hard today."
On Sanchez and [Chris] Klute chemistry:
"Vicente gives us the versatility to go to the left, to the right, to the middle, and that precision the last two or three games, I think he has played on the right. Today we saw the opportunity to play him on the left because we knew we were going to have some space there and I wanted to attack the second post with Atiba, who normally comes and hurts [Dallas]. But the chemistry with different backs is coming along because when he played on the right with Marvell, it was the same. They link well."