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New England Revolution vs. Colorado Rapids | Postgame Quotes

Colorado Rapids head coach Pablo Mastroeni
What do I take away? Just everything. Everything from the preparation, the mindset, the desire to compete – none of it was there from top to bottom today. I never felt like we looked dangerous, always looked like we were on the back foot instead of the front. But obviously there are games that you have to take something from, they’re going to happen, especially with a relatively young group. We just have to take our lumps and move on.

It definitely looked like there was a team playing with a greater purpose tonight. Again, on the front foot, just imposing themselves, early and often in the game, set the tone. These guys were hungry and we were late to the dance tonight. But I credit those guys to come out and really set the tone for the game and really make it really difficult for us.

There are 22 bodies out on that field that influence defense, that influence offense. It might have been poor defending, it could have been very good attacking at times. It just looked like when we ended up getting the ball, we didn’t do anything to keep it. We weren’t working hard enough to earn possession higher up the field and then it becomes a slippery slope – you end up defending on your heels a lot. They did a great job of making it a real ugly game and really putting us deep and pinning us into our half. That’s as ugly of a soccer game as it gets, but they were better at it than we were tonight.

Obviously coming off a performance from the weekend you want to throw in some fresh legs, bring some vitality to the group. It’s not a perfect science by any stretch, but I think you have a squad of 30 players and you try to utilize them to the best of your ability - not for this weekend, not for the following weekend, but for the course of the next couple months and the course of a season. It was an opportunity for players to step on the field and contribute and tonight collectively, I think we fell short.

That’s the task, right? There’s no motivating for a game of this magnitude. If you can’t get motivated, if you can’t dig deep and find it within yourself, there’s no business playing this game. It’s a quick turnaround. I think any time you step off the field you know what kind of performance you put forth, individually, collectively, as a coach myself, and from top to bottom, it wasn’t good enough. We have to now feel what this feels like and ask ourselves some really big questions.

This is not the team that we want to be. It’s important to feel what this feels like so that next time we step on the field, if this is what it’s going to do, you better be missing arms and legs and that type of mentality - that there’s no tomorrow. I think the feeling that I have in my stomach is just that. It’s a feeling that we just didn’t approach the game the right way, from me all the way down, and don’t want to feel this again.

Colorado Rapids midfielder Nick LaBrocca
I think they were just a little bit sharper than us. They were a bit more lively and they were able to just keep pressuring and they got their goals first, when they had momentum and then they capitalized on it. And then the second half, I felt like we were starting to get some momentum, we were starting to create some chances and then, it was a good free kick. Unfortunate for it to be a red card and that was that.

You just kind of have to really focus on one game at a time. You can’t really think about streaks or anything like that because a three game streak isn’t anything without the first and the second win. So, we just have to take it one game at a time and we have to focus on what we need to do and we need to continue learning from our mistakes.

It’s not a normal week. It’s a little harder, every week for us traveling across the country. But, it doesn’t matter we will be ready to go by Saturday. 

Colorado Rapids forward Edson Buddle
We were up against a team that needed a win. They hadn’t won in eight games and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. With a game last Saturday and a game today on the road, it wasn’t easy. We have to give credit to New England, they did what they had to do and they got the result. We have to put this one behind us and think about our next home game.

Recovery is important today and tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll prepare as best as possible to perform our best on Saturday. With that being said, we want to use the home crowd to our advantage. We knew it would be a tough stretch overall, but we were aware of what lied ahead.

It's something to expect with a young team like ours. It’s not easy. Every team is competitive in this league. We worked hard for the position we are in right now. We have to put this behind us and keep moving forward. The red card hurt us. While we positioned ourselves to do well and get an equalizer; it went downhill after they went one man up. You have to give them credit for capitalizing and taking advantage of having one more man on the field.