Rapids II

Recap | Colorado Rapids 2 drop three points on the road in 2-0 loss to Timbers2

The Big Picture 

Colorado Rapids 2 (15-4-5, 54 pts) suffered its fourth loss of the season to Timbers2 (10-13-1, 31 pts) in tonight's 2-0 loss at Providence Park. This is only the third time this season that Rapids 2 has been held scoreless in a match. Forward Rémi Cabral led the team with two shots on goal while Marlon Vargas and Oliver Larraz each added one of their own. 


  • Rapids 2 suffered its fourth loss of the season in tonight's 2-0 loss to Timbers2 at Providence Park. Rapids 2 has only dropped two matches on the road this year, including a loss to Sporting KC II in July. 
  • Rapids 2 was held scoreless for the third time this season in tonight's match against Timbers2. 
  • Forward Rémi Cabral led the team with two shots on goal while Marlon Vargas and Oliver Larraz each added one of their own. 
  • Goalkeeper Lars Helleren appeared as a substitute for Rapids 2 for the first time this season in tonight's match against Timbers2. 

Postgame Media Availability:

Head Coach Erik Bushey

Rapids 2 Midfielder Oliver Larraz

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On the match:

“Very difficult game. Very well played by Portland. They deserve all the credit for the three points. First half for us, we struggled to solve problems. We weren't perhaps as clean as we might want to be. Positionally, we weren't as clean as we would want to be, but we worked very hard. Neither team deserved much from the first half, but from what we expect of ourselves, we know that we didn't deserve much more, and we weren't in a place that we wanted to be. The second half was a different game. Of course, goals change games. Our work continued, our soccer improved. The two goals we conceded were, in a word, regrettable. We were a bit stretched on the defending goal kick. Some guys were preparing to press, some guys were perhaps preparing to cover or in between. Portland took advantage of it, and I believe it was an own goal in the end. Some of that perhaps we had more control of and some of it is unfortunate. Obviously, the second goal put us under a lot of pressure. As I have said more than once before, even at 2-0 in the 80 something minute, I still believe we can get one, if we get one, I know we can get two. We created enough chances to win this game. You cannot take away goals, that is what defines our game. Our chance creation was excellent, which makes the result that much more difficult. The players put in an outstanding amount of effort. I believe that our soccer improved, and I look forward with great anticipation to the game against North Texas." 

On the difference between the first and second half performances:

“Positionally, I thought we were better. I thought we were better situated in key areas of the field, centrally specifically, to where we had a better chance of maintaining possession. If we conceded possession, we were in a better position to hunt or deny their ability to counter successfully. What we wanted to do going into the second half was try to reduce the amount of stress our players were under. When we were stretched and when we conceded possession, we were not in a position to hunt in transition, and we end up chasing more and we end up doing more work and work that is not in our control. That is stressful because the players work, and they work tirelessly and continuously. We wanted to try and be more efficient and I think we were."

On the lessons learned: 

"My hope is first and foremost to get ready for North Texas and treat it as if it was the most important game of the year because it is. We are reminded that we cannot look too far ahead. We must be concerned about how we get across the finish line. That means being focused on what is in front of us and the belief that we can continue to build, continue to get better. We want to win games, we want to win our conference. That is a fact. What the players and the coaches and the staff must guard against is wanting it to happen easily or being hopeful that it will happen. We have more control over that, and we must continue to work to make it happen. Every part of me believes that the players are capable of doing that." 


On the match:

“It was a disappointing match. I think that they are a good side, and they came out strong during the first half and we struggled a bit. Second half we brought it to them, and I think we had good chances throughout the game. It is a good lesson because that is how soccer is. We are coming down to the end stretch and we don't want to be a team that plays better and doesn't win. We want to be the team that wins. It is a good lesson in that. You need to take care of your chances and do the right things because in a game where you play better and come out of it feeling good, that's what you want at the end of the day." 

On what was missing from the team's attacking performance:

“I think just the finishing touch. Rémi (Cabral) had multiple chances and he did a good job of trying to put them away. Their goalie came up big a few times and that is just how it goes sometimes. There is no one thing that causes a person to score, so it is just dependent on the day and today we didn't have that." 

On the mentality of the team: 

"I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. A lot of teams get complacent towards the end, and this goes to show you that anybody in this league can take it on a night. I think it is just good motivation and pushing us towards wanting to be better as a team because there is plenty that we did well tonight, but there was more we could have done better. I think going into this next week and especially the next few games, we need to sharpen that up and be ready."