Recap | Colorado Rapids 2 fall to Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC in Second Round of U.S. Open Cup


The Big Picture 

Colorado Rapids 2 fell to Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC in a 2-3 result in the Second Round of the U.S. Open Cup on Wednesday night. After a scoreless first half, Rapids midfielder Wayne Frederick bagged the opening goal of the night and his first-ever goal for the club in the 47th minute. Hailstorm found its equalizer in the 59th minute off the foot of Marky Hernández and followed with a second goal in the 80th minute from Ethan Hoard. As the game creeped into stoppage time, forward Kimani Stewart-Baynes came in with one last effort in the box to find the Rapids' equalizer, sending both teams into extra time. Hailstorm's David Garcia put the game-winning goal in the back of the net in the dying seconds of the match, ending Rapids 2's first-ever appearance in the U.S. Open Cup. 


  • Rapids First Team midfielder Wayne Frederick and forward Kimani Stewart-Baynes both scored their first-ever goals for the club in tonight's U.S. Open Cup match against Hailstorm FC.
  • Rapids 2 midfielder Marlon Vargas added his first assist of the year in tonight's game against Hailstorm FC.
  • New Rapids 2 forward Facundo Núñez made his first-ever appearance for the team in tonight's U.S. Open Cup match. 
  • Rapids 2 midfielder Daouda Amadou made his first appearance of the year in tonight's game against Hailstorm FC. 

Postgame Media Availability:

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On the match: 

“First of all, let me congratulate Hailstorm on the win, on an emotional victory, and wish them well as they represent Colorado in the next round. So, for our guys, I’m disappointed for them. I think they could have been worthy winners tonight and I thought they put in an excellent shift, and I would say that is across the board. I’m quite pleased with that. I was disappointed for different reasons on the weekend, tonight, I’m genuinely disappointed for the players, I want them to experience the next round and to keep getting the opportunities to keep playing out of the spotlight to get better. Very tough game. Typical goals to concede for a couple of them, that’s football. So, [we’ll] get ready for Sporting KC II, but the guys have earned a break for at least 24 hours, so we’ll give them that."

On the team's experience in U.S. Open Cup:

“I am proud of our Open Cup experience. It’s two games, but I really am quite proud of what we gave and how we represent the club, specifically in these two U.S. Open Cup games, and that’s why I’m disappointed for the players. But, yeah, my heart breaks for them, but I see it as progress. And the club will see that we’ve put some of our top young players into some very high-pressure situations. There’s really nothing to be too down about, or to leave such a taste that it’s going to carry over for the next year. We want to get better for Sunday, we achieved that tonight and that’s what we look forward to."


On the match: 

“I thought tonight’s match was a good battle, was a good response from the LAFC game from last weekend. I thought we came back pretty well there, we held our ground, but they just got it in the end. I thought the team put out a really good fight and so I’m proud of the performance and am happy with the result. I think it’s something to look at and improve on and build on."

On the experience gained during U.S. Open Cup: 

“Very useful. I think in terms of me building on my own individual performances and fitness and touches, just getting on the ball, that is great for me. I love playing with the guys too. It’s a great experience."