Rapids II

RECAP | Colorado Rapids 2 best Minnesota in chance creation despite 0-2 loss at home


The Big Picture

Colorado Rapids 2 (2-7-1, 7 pts) fell to MNUFC2 (4-4-0, 12 pts) in a 0-2 result at DICK'S Sporting Goods Park on Sunday evening. The Rapids 2 excelled in the attacking third, putting up six shots on target throughout the match with First Team forward Darren Yapi leading the team with two shots on goal. Minnesota took the lead in the 30th minute with a penalty kick conversion from Patrick Weah. The final goal, scored in the 90th minute by Jesse Khan, ended the night for Rapids 2 despite a strong second half effort.

Rapids 2 will take on St. Louis CITY2 at University of Denver Soccer Stadium on Sunday, June 2, for the team's 12th match of the MLS NEXT Pro season. Kickoff is set for 8:00 p.m. MT.


  • Rapids 2 put up six shots on target in tonight's match, tying the team's single-game high for most shots on goal.
  • M Daouda Amadou surpassed former Rapids 2 player Blake Malone for the third-most appearances (43) in team history.
  • D Michael Edwards and M Daouda Amadou tied former Rapids 2 player Blake Malone for the third-most starts (32) in team history.

Postgame Media Availability:

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On the match:

"Yeah, credit to Minnesota. They played a good game, deserving of the result. I thought we were good though. I thought there were very good in moments of the first half. We weren't able to finish on the chances that we created, but for me the positive was that we were creating good chances. I wasn't really concerned, I would have loved to see a goal go in, but I wasn't concerned. I was super happy with some of our play in the build. Some of the simple details; the weight of a pass, playing to the front foot, guys receiving the phase forward, getting in behind lines, getting behind the last line, and again, some chance creation. I mean some things I was really pleased with, so I was confident. The penalty kick was too bad, that's football. We gave it up, but even at one-nil I felt we should be winning and that we could be winning. So, let's keep going. In the second half I made a few changes, and in all honesty, I think I failed the team in those moments. There wasn't enough clarity in what was expected of the players. I could see it on the field. I think my decisions proved costly, in a big way. So, I regret some of that, but just like a player I have to try to learn from it and move on and get better because that is what I ask of the players week in and week out. I'll do the same, but you know that that shouldn't be the way, I'll leave it at that. I regret that, but a tough game and we have to lick our wounds and get ready for what's next."

On the performance from the attack:

"There were good chances. I mean you're talking about execution at the end. A half-step here, even in the beginning of the second half we had moments where we've done things that we had trained for. Trying to get an extra pass, trying to upgrade the finish. The intent was there, but things that come off the same in the first half. Sometimes we got behind them early and we were able to get Johnny [Lewis] involved early, and maybe that's a little bit less typical in only a couple moments for us and how we got behind. So, the quicker we get behind, the quicker we have to join. Perhaps if we were there a little bit sooner, we're covering up more gaps to keep the ball in or there's another finishing option for the player on the ball. But again, some lovely chances and an excellent job of guys getting behind. You have to continue to create chances. Clint [Irwin] is a good goalkeeper, and when he steps in my thought was, ‘okay, that's another save or two that they might not normally get’. So, we have to create three to four more chances than we might normally create if we expect to score and we weren't. So again, I thought it would end better, but he made big saves when he needed. Otherwise, it just went a bit dry when we entered the second half."

On playing at DICK’S Sporting Goods Park and having second teams travel with the first team:

"Well, I love being here at the stadium. This is the one place that feels like home for everybody, players, staff. We're not moving, we're here every day, and it's a special place to play at. So, we enjoy that, and the conditions are almost always just lovely, excellent, and conducive to good soccer. So, we're never going to exit the game here and say, well, we didn't get what we needed. We have everything that we need. So, that's super nice. So, we really enjoy that and enjoy having the fans come out and watch us in this environment, so that's good. I wish every time we traveled that we'd be with the First Team, and I do wish that each time a team came in here that they would travel. It'd be nice if the league could get set up that way. It's not and it never will be. It does cause different dynamics, but in this case, we were able to utilize players from the First Team and therefore so was Minnesota. Even if you don't utilize them, it gives you the freedom to do that. It's a busy week for the first teams. Both clubs have a game come Wednesday, and both teams yet still committed to the second team by making sure that First Team player got minutes. So, that is an element of success. I'm happy that Minnesota was able to do that and ultimately even though we're not winning in the games that we want to win, we have a better chance of getting the opponent's best when that happens. When that happens, the level the league is simply higher. So, I prefer it when it works out this way. Whether it be in our advantage, if you will, or for the opponent."


On the match:

"Yeah, was tough obviously. I thought we did really well in the first half. To be honest, we should have been up in the first half. We had so many chances and just could not execute. It's just tough because, in a game like this when we're close to getting back into playoff contention, when we need to win against a team that's close in points with us, it just sucks because it is like starting from point zero again. But there's plenty more games to come. We still have more games at home where I think we could pick up points. Not that I’m saying we can’t pick up points away, but we have our home crowd, gives us a good feeling, feeling confident about ourselves. We just got to go into St. Louis next week, and hopefully, we could get a good result there."

On Coach’s message to the team:

"Just going back into the training ground. Seeing what we could improve on. He's always very positive and that is something I really love about Erik is, even when things don't go our way, he still finds a way for himself to be positive but also to help us be positive. It's very hard for us, and for him, when we're not getting the results. Players, obviously when we're not winning, there are some players that don't have a good time. They might be dealing with other things that aren’t involved with soccer that could put them down. But the way I see it, and I think the way he sees it as well, is that we still have so many games left where we could turn this around. I do believe that we could turn this around. My message today for the guys was that we need to beat Minnesota, because if we would have won, we would have gone above them and still had a closer chance to get into that eighth spot. Obviously, the result didn't go our way, but we still have St. Louis and so many more games where I believe we can win and get results away as well. If we want to become a playoff team this year, no matter if we have to rough start, we just have to get results. Home or away, does not matter. It doesn’t even need to be pretty soccer. It could be ugly, but as long as we get a point or two on the road or at home, I think we'll be fine. I think the message from Erik today was to keep believing and keep being positive because it's a long way from the playoffs and October obviously. I agree with Erik, we have to keep being positive. Get into the training ground and see how we can improve more as a team and obviously myself."