Rapids II

RECAP | Colorado Rapids 2 forward Facundo Núñez nets first goal for the team in 2-3 loss to CITY2


The Big Picture

Colorado Rapids 2 (2-8-1, 7 pts) fell to St. Louis CITY2 (7-2-2, 24 pts) in a 2-3 result, marking St. Louis' first win over Rapids 2 in league history. The team picked up steam heading into the half with Antony García finding the back of the net for his second goal of the season in the 28th minute to bring the teams to an even 1-1. Before the half ended, Uruguayan forward Facundo Núñez earned a penalty after being fouled in the box and stood over a kick from the spot to record his first goal for Rapids 2. The two goals from the newcomer forwards fell just short of St. Louis' three goals, ending the team's three-game homestand in a loss.

Rapids 2 will face off next against Austin FC II at Parmer Field on Friday, June 8, for the team's first away match in June. Kickoff is set for 7:00 p.m. MT.


  • F Antony García recorded his second goal for the team in tonight's match against St. Louis. García scored his first goal of the season in the team's match against Whitecaps FC 2 on May 19.
  • F Facundo Núñez scored his first goal of the season off a penalty kick in tonight's match against St. Louis.
  • D Steve Flores recorded his first assist of the season, marking his first offensive contribution of the year.
  • Four Rapids Academy players, Miguel Alvarado, Colton Swan, Noah Strellnauer and Rogelio Garcia, appeared in tonight's MLS NEXT Pro match for a total of 204 minutes. The Academy players have recorded a total of 1,605 competitive minutes across all competitions for Rapids 2 so far this season.
  • M Daouda Amadou surpassed Michael Edwards and former Rapids 2 player Blake Malone for the third-most starts (33) in team history.

Postgame Media Availability:

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On the match:

"Difficult loss. Tough result I think again for the boys to swallow but we will move forward. For the game, you know maybe a slow start, first five or 10 minutes, but the next 35 minutes arguably the best 35 minutes of our season. I think it just felt good. You know it was work, it was a balanced team, passing and quick efforts to get behind. It was a comeback from one-nil down to get to two-one, I think that's the way I remember it. So pleased, so proud in that moment. I thought the game was exciting. And yeah, I was energized by the performance of the players and that was wonderful. You know, we were we did strive for more of those moments, and we need to string more of those moments together. Ultimately, we came out, we weren't good in the second half and we weren't good for probably the first 20, 25 minutes and that's really just being honest. We tried to inject a bit of fight and we did. Some tough moments in the game, I think I'll leave it at that. So, credit goes to St. Louis, who was always a difficult opponent. I hope they feel it's a good win for them because tonight, though our performance wasn't 90 minutes tonight, I feel like St. Louis beat a good team. For us, there is no time for a pity, we got to do more, we got to do better. So, that's what we'll endeavor to do."

On Rapids Academy players' involvement in Rapids 2:

"Yeah, for the most part, bravery, willingness, you know. When we move players up, whether it be up in an Academy group to another Academy team, or from the Academy to the NEXT Pro team or from our team into the first team, the first thing I tend to look for beyond work and mentality is the willingness for them to be themselves and to work and try to get after it. I think players that do that have the best chance of continuing to progress. So, yeah, I mean that part of the game and part of the program brings real joy, but we're seeking more joy. But bravery is what they're giving and what's expected. But it is a positive."


On the match:

"I thought it was an unlucky loss, but I am proud of the team. I mean, St. Louis is in second place and obviously we are at the bottom of the table, but we were there, holding it up. And honestly, I thought we should have won."

On playing with a team primarily made up of Rapids 2 and Academy players:

"I feel good about the group being Academy and Rapids 2. Obviously, when the First Team does come down it's a huge help. When it's just us, I am confident in the team and feel good. We were playing, applying what we learned in training. It's a good group of guys, a good team."