Rapids II

Recap | Colorado Rapids 2 secure number one seed in Western Conference with win over Real Monarchs

The Big Picture

Colorado Rapids 2 (17-4-5, 60 pts) defeated Real Monarchs (8-13-5, 31 pts) in a 2-0 victory at the University of Denver Soccer Stadium to secure the number one seed in the Western Conference. Midfielder Oliver Larraz opened the scoring on the night off an assist from Robinson Aguirre to bring his season total to nine goals. Forward Rémi Cabral added his 14th goal of the season in tonight's match, which now marks him as the leader in goals on the team. With tonight's win, Rapids 2 will receive a first-round bye in the 2023 MLS NEXT Pro Playoffs and automatically qualify for the conference semifinals.


  • Rapids 2 defeated Real Monarchs in a 2-0 result at the University of Denver Soccer Stadium on Saturday night. With tonight's win, Rapids 2 has officially secured the number one seed in the MLS NEXT Pro Western Conference, which guarantees the team a first-round bye in the 2023 MLS NEXT Pro Playoffs.
  • Midfielder Oliver Larraz recorded his ninth goal of the season in tonight's match against Real Monarchs.
  • Forward Rémi Cabral scored his 14th goal of the season in tonight's match versus Real Monarchs. Cabral now leads the team in goals for the 2023 season.
  • Midfielder Robinson Aguirre added his third assist of the season in the game against Real Monarchs.
  • Midfielder Yosuke Hanya added his seventh assist of the season in the game against Real Monarchs.
  • Goalkeeper Abraham Rodriguez recorded his third clean sheet of the season. His all-time clean sheet record for Rapids 2 now stands at four clean sheets.
  • First team forward Jonathan Lewis made his first start for Rapids 2 this season in tonight's match against Real Monarchs.

Postgame Media Availability:

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On the match:

“Yeah, excellent game I think really from beginning to end. You know the scare we had, I can’t remember when, but it was early in the game when they ran offsides and finished in transition. We knew that was a threat. I think it was wonderful for us to see. Wonderful first because it was offside and the goal didn’t count, but it really kept us on our toes. I thought our soccer tonight was outstanding. I thought we were in control for much of the match. I think the players deserve a lot of credit for that. A lot of composure on the ball, great work when we lost it, composed in defense. Efficient, because that’s been kind of our, the catch word, in terms of how we want to defend. Always alert and aware, always attentive to the fact that these guys can hurt us. I think if you play with that respect and then you add the soccer to it and what you can do with the ball, and many, many wonderful individual performances, it’s a good recipe for success. I'm grateful that tonight we were able to put those things together, it was a nice evening." 

On clinching the number one seed in the Western Conference:

“Very. I wouldn’t want to shy away from what the game, and what the 26 games up to this point, mean and have meant. Nobody, nobody, would have expected this to occur in year two, especially after year one as I’ve said earlier in the year, especially after the first nine games of year one. I know we are meant to talk about more and there is more to do, there’s more games to be played, which means there’s more games to be won and there’s bigger trophies to be challenged for. But bigger is relative. The rest of the world looks at what you do over the course of the entire season and says this is what deserves celebration, and I’m not shying away from the playoffs that we are about to embark on. I and the boys are excited by that, but what you do over 28 games, in this case now 26, speaks volumes. So, I don’t want to give the cliché in that there’s more to play for and we’re looking for the next trophy. Yes, we are because we’re competitors. This is a damn good win and it's on the heels of 26, not all very good games, but 26 games that have led us to this point and I could not be more pleased and proud of the players, the many players, who have helped us to get to where we are tonight."


On the match:

“A good game all together. It's something we’ve been looking for. I think these past few, five or six games have been difficult, so putting together a performance where you get a clean sheet, and you pull three points out is important going into the final stretch." 

On what the season has meant for him:

“It's meant a lot mostly in terms of injury. You know when you’re little your teacher will say, 'What happens if you break your leg?', and I was like, 'I’ll never break my leg', and then I broke my leg, so that’s just how it goes. There are good people around me that helped me get back both physically and mentally because that’s a challenging time and I think it strengthened me mentally, which is the biggest thing. I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and I think that was a part of my struggle to have a better mindset to help this team win." 

On clinching the number one seed in the Western Conference:

"It’s a sweet little coincidence that it’s against them (Real Monarchs) to clinch it. I think that rivalry means a lot. I mean you talk to people like Drew (Moor) who’ve been a part of it forever. Obviously, I’ve watched it since I was young. So, I think there’s an edge there, you can kind of see it tonight. I was just glad we could get that win."