Rapids II

Recap | Colorado Rapids 2 suffer 1-3 loss against Houston Dynamo 2

The Big Picture

Colorado Rapids 2 (13-3-5, 48 pts) suffered its third loss of the season in a 1-3 result against Houston Dynamo 2 (10-8-3, 35 pts). The lone goal of the night was scored by first team forward Diego Rubio and the assist was credited to first team striker Darren Yapi. As it stands, Rapids 2 remains at the top of the overall league standings with a 13-3-5 record and 48 points.


  • Rapids 2 suffered its third loss of the season in tonight's match against Houston Dynamo 2. The team's lone goal of the night was scored by first team forward Diego Rubio off an assist from first team striker Darren Yapi.
  • First team forward Diego Rubio recorded his first goal for Rapids 2 this season in tonight's match against Houston Dynamo 2.
  • First team forward Darren Yapi recorded an assist in tonight's match versus Houston Dynamo 2.

Postgame Media Availability:

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On the match:

“First off, full credit to Dynamo who came out from the first whistle on the front foot and clearly driven and encouraged by what they saw, which was a lofty hill to climb in front of them. They deserve full credit for their performance and the result that they earned well tonight. For us, of course a disappointing result and probably not commensurate with the ability and the potential that we have. We will take from the experience tonight in an effort to get better and get after Tacoma (Defiance) in a few days."

On the tonight's attacking performance:

“No because we have showed that we can do that. Even at this level, chance creation is one thing, but finishing is what we are, and players are, and coaches are held accountable for. There are certainly periods in the season or there are certain games that you can feel good about the chance creation component, but we needed a little bit more. We needed to change the game with another goal. We needed to execute a little bit sharper in the attacking third and on and on and on. What that did do is allow us to feel like yes, for sure we are still in the game, and it can come. Certainly, as a team we have felt that all year. After the first three, four games, we now feel we can come back in any game, and we feel that we don't need a whole lot of time to do it. The problem is there are a few too many games that we are in the situation that we are chasing. The game is deserved of respect. It doesn't give away the goals so easy. That is why we come off of scoring six the previous week, that week is done, that game is done, and we should celebrate all six goals. If you score 10, you should celebrate all 10. That is what the game is about. Tonight, we didn't have that opportunity."

\On the keys for the match against Tacoma Defiance: \

"Tonight was such a unique night, as we talked about earlier. Again, there are many things I think we can learn from tonight's game. I don't see the group dwelling on it. In fact, I see the team being more motivated to head out to Tacoma. That was a very difficult game that we played against Tacoma but one that I felt very good about the soccer that we played. The result sucked so we want to try and turn that around. It is a waste of energy to hang our heads. I mean guys can be pissed and guys can show the emotion tonight, but starting tomorrow morning any of that is a waste of energy unless it is propelling them to do more. I don't think the guys will have a problem doing that."


On the match:

“Honestly for me, it wasn't good enough as a team. I feel like I want to apologize to all of the second team guys that are doing so well right now. We got a group of first team guys that come in here and we are expected to win just like the second team is expected to win. Ultimately, we couldn't get that done. It was a frustrating night overall. There were some good moments, but it felt like it took a little while to get going. The second half was much better than the first, but it definitely took a bit to get going for us."

On tonight's overall performance:

“I just feel like it wasn't really good enough from me myself, just the team. One thing I can think of is, not really a reason and maybe more of an excuse, but just a group of guys that haven't really played too many minutes together. A mesh of guys that have been first team, second team, in and out of rosters. I am sure you guys could see there was a bit of disconnect, especially in the first half. It took a little bit to get on the same mental page as each other. I feel like that could be one of the reasons like you said that we were off to a bit of a flat start."