Rapids II

RECAP | Rapids 2 draw 1-1 with Austin FC II, earn second point in shootout, 5-3


The Big Picture

Colorado Rapids 2 (2-8-2, 9 pts) earn two points following a shootout with Austin FC II (2-5-4, 11 pts) after a 1-1 draw in regulation. After conceding early, forward Alec Díaz leveled the match for Colorado right before the halftime whistle in the 41st minute thanks to an assist from midfielder Marlon Vargas. After a stalemate in the second half, the two sides went to a shootout to determine the second point in the standings. Vargas, Robinson Aguirre, Logan Batiste, Colton Swan, and Daouda Amadou all converted their shots from the spot to seal things and head home with two points.

Rapids 2 will return home to face Ventura County FC on Sunday, June 16 at University of Denver Soccer Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. MT.

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  • F Alec Díaz recorded his second goal of the season and the ninth of his MLS NEXT Pro career.
  • M Marlon Vargas’ assist on the Díaz goal was his first of the season and the 17th of his MLS NEXT Pro career.
  • Vargas now has 11 assists with Rapids 2, the second most in club history.
  • Rapids 2 earned their first shootout win of the season after converting all five of their kicks from the mark.
  • Colorado gained points on the road for the second time this season, the first time since March 17 against St Louis City 2.

Select postgame quotes transcribed below.


On the match:

“Well, the points are what I care about. I'm glad for the boys to get the bonus point. I think we're deserving of all three. But I only say that to be express my support for the way that the players played. The soccer early on was positive. We score a goal right away, it gets called back. The problem was from our positive soccer that we didn't create many more chances on goal soon after that. Then we concede, of course, we're going to be disappointed by that. But we were tested again, and I'm grateful for the way the boys responded. A good goal in transition. Excellent soccer, excellent finish, and we're back in the game. I think the boys felt that going back in the second half. Then I really thought we pushed. Really proud of all the players but we put a lot of young guys in the spotlight tonight. They played their role. So this to me was a true team victory, and that's what we're seeking. To be the best team possible.”

On what a result like this means to the squad:

“They know they were deserving winners tonight. They have felt that they've been close on a number of occasions. So right now, they'll feel that they perhaps have tipped the scale in their favor. We've had difficult results the last couple of months outside of the Vancouver game, and yet they responded every week. With effort in training, and again, we're trying to build this togetherness, this feeling of what it means to be a true team and it's just not come easy for us. So, what does the result mean tonight? It's validation of the work. So, they should be enjoying it. They'll be reminded, but I'm not sure if they'll need it, that we're going to need to get back to work and that these wins don't come easy. That's why I really am happy and my heart is filled with joy because they are celebrating, because they do feel good. That's what the hard work is for. So for tonight, it's awesome.”

On the goal from Alec Diaz:

Important for the nine. The nine needs to score, that is their fundamental job, and Alec is an excellent striker with the ball. He can manipulate the ball and he did so on this finish. A lovely take, good timing to get behind, good pass through by Marlon, that's well within his skill set. In fact, Marlon and I looked at clips today showing just how many passes, in the last few games, Minnesota and St. Louis, just how dangerous he was when he got the ball in between lines. He can be a real killer. So now, Alec gets in and puts the finishing touches on it. You know the guys will feel good and confidence is critical, momentum is critical. If we can build on those things, then we'll see what exactly what we're capable of.”


On the match:

Going into the match, we knew it was going to be a tough place to play with the crowd, the heat. There were a bunch of different factors. It was a big message throughout the week that we had to go out here and earn our result if we were going to get it, and I think we did that.”

On his goal:

“It was a good feeling, obviously. It has been a while since I scored a goal. It was actually something we worked a lot of this week training; about how quick we could be in attacking transition. It was a wonderful tackle from Ricardo to win the ball back, and then once the ball was at Marlon’s feet, we all knew that something special is going to happen and that there's always going to be offense coming from that. So once he got it, my first thought was just how can I get forward and be in a position to help the team and obviously it's a great ball from Marlon and from there, he made my job pretty easy.”

On what this result means for the squad:

“In this league, it's tough to get results, especially getting results away from home against a good side like this. After the run a form that we've been in, it's really about using this as momentum and how we can take this and understanding that this is one result and it's a great result for us, but how can we move forward from that, and take that into next week against Ventura and the week after that against Houston. Now we have to turn this into momentum for us and get some results.”