Starting XI:

Abraham Rodriguez ©, Omar Gomez, Daniel Garcia, Blake Malone, Anthony Markanich, Philip Mayaka, Daouda Amadou, Robinson Aguirre, Yosuke Hanya, Darren Yapi, Dantouma “Yaya” Toure, 


Michael Edwards, Michael Harris, Adam Beaudry, Steve Flores, Connor Miller, Maclovio Swett,  Jack Sullivan, Josh Hardin, Keith Chavarria

Player Availability Report: 

-OUT - Dillon Serna (injury)

-OUT - Jackson Travis (injury) 

-OUT - Joaquin Torres (injury) 

-OUT - Sebastian Anderson (injury)

-OUT - Cain Castellon (injury)


-Rapids 2 striker Dantouma “Yaya” Toure leads the teams in goals with five this season

-Max Alves, Dantouma “Yaya” Toure, Yosuke Hanya and Jackson Travis lead the team with two assists each

-Head coach Erik Bushey will return as the leader of Rapids 2 this week after missing two games due to an Elite Formation Coaching License (ECFL) course