Colorado Rapids Interim Head Coach Conor Casey
Opening statement...

“First of all, what a great night in the stadium. It was an unbelievable atmosphere and I’m so happy the fans were able to experience a night like this. It was also great for our players as well, being able to have a sixteen year old and seventeen year old compete against Arsenal, and some of the USL guys… what a great experience for them. Arsenal is a good team and it was a great exercise for some of our guys who haven't gotten as many minutes, and I was very pleased with their effort tonight. We did have some chances in the game, but Arsenal is a very good team, and at the end of the day it was all about having a great and positive atmosphere in this stadium.”

On Sebastian Anderson’s performance..

“I thought he was excellent. Seb is very mature for a sixteen year old. You see his quality, his intelligence and he has such a bright future ahead of him with this club.”

Colorado Rapids Midfielder Cole Bassett
On playing against Arsenal...

“It was pretty cool. I was a little frustrated that all of the big guns came in at the end of the game and I wasn’t in there. Nice experience for me to play against some of the guys that are over there that are my age. Testing myself against some of the best England youth internationals. Then there’s guys like [Calum] Chambers that are on the pitch,[Carl] Jenkinson, that have played in the Prem for a while. It was a really good experience to play against them and try to show my stuff. Hopefully, we can eventually one day can get to that level. ”

On the differences between the two teams and things to work on personally...

“Me personally, I definitely have to work on the defensive side of the game. They were pretty physical, a lot of those guys had great strength on the ball. I don’t think there were too many differences between us, but you could definitely tell that every touch they had on the ball had a purpose to it, and I definitely need to work on that.”