Colorado Rapids Head Coach Anthony Hudson
Opening statement

“To sort of summarize the game, I’m disappointed, incredibly disappointed with the outcome of the game. We started the game very well. I said on the bench, we probably scored a little bit too early, but we were bright, we started well, we had a spell of twelve to fifteen minutes where we didn’t defend well enough and psychologically almost just collapsed defensively. The response in the second half was good, I think we should have gotten more from the game in terms of the amount of chances we created and had in the second half. I was pleased with the response, but very, very disappointed with how we defended in the first half.”

On D.C. United’s quick response after the opening goal

“I don’t think it was a change from them because we’d spotted it early in the first half in terms of their change in shape coming into this game. Actually, for a long period in the first half we dealt with it and really, the adjustments that we needed to make were one thing, but the actual goals we conceded were not irrespective of what shape you’re playing, or where your players are positioned. We still have to do better with the goals we conceded, irrespective of the shape, irrespective of formation, we still have to defend a corner better than that. The second goal where it ricochets off of two of our players, they get a bit of luck there, but then we still have to defend that better - that has nothing to do with shape, that’s about defending better. We adjusted a few things to be a bit more positive and obviously the game dictated them when we made changes in bringing more attackers on the pitch, and they didn’t have a lot of the ball in the second half so we didn't have to do a lot of defending so, it really was that spell in the first half that hurt us.”

On conceding goals

“It just deflates the team when we concede a goal, we need more confidence defending, we need more confidence that if we concede a goal, we’re not going to concede another one. That’s our biggest challenge, to respond that way is not a given because it can go the other way as well, they responded well, but the reality of it is that we have to defend better.”

Colorado Rapids Midfielder Nicolás Mezquida
On D.C. United’s response to going down a goal early on

“It was crazy. We started off playing very well by scoring an early goal. We controlled the game in the first twenty minutes and we felt like we had everything under control. In the second half, and towards the end of the game, we were playing in their half of the field. Unfortunately, it was too little too late.”

On what needs to be done to get a better result

“We need to score. If we want to win and get more points, we need to score. We push hard, take a lot of shots, and create a lot of chances, but if we don't score we can’t win games. I will not give up and I will keep pushing until we figure out what needs to be done.”

D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen

On tonight’s match

“I’m happy with the response after their goal. Then the second half, we said at half-time, the value of a connected pass in this game or two consecutive passes connected is going to be a big part of the second half and we weren’t able to do it. What were able to do was buckle down and grind and fight. That’s hard to do especially with the amount of service, the quality of service they have and Kei [Kamara] who is just an absolute handful on a day like this.”

On the performance of the Donovan and Durkin

“It’s a tough game to have your first against Kei [Kamara] and against that much action in the second half. I thought [Donovan] held up held up very well for his first game. He didn’t do a lot wrong to be honest with you. I thought Durkin put in a good solid performance as well. It’s nice for him to get the goal. What it allows for now is that increased depth and guys you can rely on. It also builds a little team spirit and a little competition which is always healthy as well. ”  

On Luciano Acosta’s performance

“He was very connected on both ends of the ball, in possession or out of possession He was dialed in and when he is, we end up being a pretty good team. That’s the responsibility he has and the responsibility Wayne [Rooney] as two of our best players and a lot of times we go as they go. I thought both of them put in really good, heavy outputs working on both ends of the ball.”

D.C. United Defender Donovan Pines
On his MLS Debut

“Honestly I was just really ecstatic through the whole experience. I honestly couldn’t believe I was playing for my hometown team. I thought, wow that’s pretty surreal so when I got on the pitch, I’m like alright, I’m going to fight as much as I can to get a point for my first MLS game. I did it and I’m really, really happy that I did. ”

On his performance

“I think I played OK. I just wanted to play simple and do the best that I can just show my quality on the ball. Staying calm and composed on the ball and focus on what makes me a good players and makes me who I am.”

D.C. United Forward Wayne Rooney
On winning back to back away games

“It was a strange game. I thought first half we were excellent. Second half, we didn’t do our jobs properly and allowed them to put us under huge amounts of pressure. I thought our defense and goalkeeper were fantastic, dealt with a lot of their threats. We hung on and getting three points was the most important thing and it was a good victory for us.”

On playing at altitude

“It wasn’t too bad if I’m going to be honest. I think we what we found frustrating was how the second half went, but yeah we dealt with the altitude well.”