061316_Serna Q&A ahead of Switchbacks

Ahead of the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup match against the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC, Dillon Serna weighs in on the matchup.

James Roeling: What are your thoughts on your first USOC match this season?

Dillon Serna: It’s definitely a big opportunity for us to make a run in the tournament, so we’re looking to get tomorrow started on the right foot.

JR: Do you prepare for these USOC matches any differently than MLS matches?

DS: No, we’ve been having a lot of success already this season so far, so I don’t think we change anything. We obviously have to come in with the same mentality as any other game. I don’t think it’s any different; the way we approach the game or anything like that.

JR: Does this game feel a little more special being a Colorado native?

DS: Maybe a little bit. I think they’re going to be kind of approaching the game a bit differently because they’re going to come out with something to prove and try to show everyone what they’re capable of. I think we’ve got to come out with the right mentality like any other game.

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JR: After scoring two goals against them last year, what can you bring should you feature?

DS: I think I’ve just got to come out tomorrow and perform. I think everyone who isn’t getting consistent minutes have a great opportunity to come out and show the coaches what they’ve got and get a little bit of a run.

JR: How do you deal with a team that is embracing the underdog role with nothing to lose?

DS: I think they’ll definitely view it like that. I think against all of the MLS teams, the lower league teams are going to come in as the underdog. There are some good teams in USL, and they’re going to come out with something to prove. So I think everybody’s got to be ready and make sure we come out of here tomorrow with the win.

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