Colorado Rapids

Fieldside Chat | Midweek check-in wirth Oliver Larraz and Chris Armas


Midfielder Oliver Larraz

On the matchup with Seattle

Seattle game was kind of a bit of a mixed game. I think that we come away from there wanting to win, just based on how the game goes. But obviously Seattle is a good side and it's a tough place to go. So there's positives to getting out of there with points.

On building momentum from four points won across two road games 

I think whenever you can grab points away from home it's good. And then we're looking to get those majority of those points at home so just try and go on a run there.

On his personal growth so far in 2024

I'm just trying to improve every game I think each one has an example and something to learn from. So I'm just trying to take in stride and go game by game.

On the team mindset transitioning from two away games to two home games next up

To be honest, it doesn't change too much because we want to win wherever we go. So I think it's just a little bit more important when we're at home. But we're still gonna go for it and play the way we play.


Head Coach Chris Armas

On the teams' feeling after Seattle and individual performances that stood out

The general feeling is that we left a little on the table, there that was the feeling after the match within the locker room. The red card, we have some time to try to get a few goals, but the reality is we would have to be better, we would have to be better with the ball, have a certain amount of patience, trying to move them around a little bit more, decision making quality. I told them today, again, that the Colorado Rapids in 2024, we're pissed off that we didn't get three points in Seattle--that's a good thing guys. We're really believing we're winners, we're thinking like winners, and in the end to fight back after going down a goal again, to being tough to play against in their building, it's a good team. We know a point is also a good thing. Individual performance, I thought Moïse and Maxsø, we say two bodies, one mind, we thought they did a really nice job again. I think Sam Vines showed some real aggressiveness on the day, we've been asking him to keep pushing and we saw that. Cole Bassett playing as a double pivot, thought he showed up in a real way on the day you know, it was a presence in there and along Oliver Larraz, again, two bodies, one mind. Thought those guys were strong, so to name a few.

On Oliver Larraz's recent performances and growth on the first team pitch this year

As a head coach, you want to bring a certain style of play. And our style of play revolves around intensity. So it's two things. One, I have to coach a team to play with more intensity. But it's also helpful when you can put guys out there that play with intensity naturally. I think he sleeps with intensity. So oftentimes, obviously, we gotta calm down. Less is more, can you calm down, slow yourself down a little bit physically and then mentally. I had the pleasure of being around Tyler Adams for a long time. And he was a guy that could energize his team with his energy, with his enthusiasm, he can cover ground, the endless tank of runs and repeating sprints and Oliver's doing that role for us right now. You can see even late in the game, these big recovery runs to just put out a fire. We say the only guys I don't like are the ones I can't find. And I can always find him. He's always there showing up and he comes every day to get better. And I love his attitude.

On the mentality heading into a contest with Houston Dynamo at home

We want to ride momentum, the momentum we've had from day one in preseason. We have a group right now that when you talk about all in, pulling in the same direction, feeding off each other, running for the next guy, sharing the ball, sticking together--I told them Portland, this is going to pay dividends the way they stuck together and fought and didn't give in. So the energy that's in our team that's building, getting some results, scraping results in tough places against good teams is the first part and then the next part is our fans. I thought they were great in game one. I hope that the building is full again, we need them, the way they they're celebrating the way we play and we're playing for them. That I'm looking forward to, putting our team out there, going for three points at home in front of our fans that get behind us. So we have a great week of weather here and we're gonna use it to the best of our ability.